Victory Awaits Beyond Fear

Victory Awaits Beyond Fear

Victory Awaits Beyond Fear

Victory Awaits Beyond Fear

Victory Awaits Beyond Fear


There is always a lurking shadow of fear engulfing our minds whenever we envisage embarking on a new journey! Some people are comparatively less fearful than others by nature. It is our inherent nature that makes or breaks us. Many children are storehouses of talent- they are like dormant volcanoes, waiting for the right ambiance to explode! It is the positive role of Mentors to channel dormant volcanoes into active ones! Here we will read how an author of excellence was born in Manav Rachna International School, Gurugram 51, after overpowering her fear of the unknown~ Editor.

‘Forget Everything and Run’ or ‘Face Everything and Rise’. The choice is ours.

We come across some unique situations in life – the more we ignore them, the more we get entrapped into that fear! The more we try to escape, the more we get entwined viciously into it. The only way to get rid of this unprecedented situation is to acknowledge and start working on ‘that fear’ and get fruitful results.

It all depends on our mind-set and according to this, we take action. A positive mind-set and attitude focus on the bright sides of life. Being in the teaching profession, we come across many students whom we mentor, and these enriching experiences make us proud of our profession.

As there is a saying- ‘Teaching is that only profession which creates all other professions’.

 I would like to pen down a lovely and heart-touching incident, which has brought significant change in one of my student’s life.

I was teaching physics, in the year 2020-2021, to one of the batches of Grade IX, at MRIS 51 Gurugram. Here, I came across a timid and shy child in the class, Kashvi Rawat, who was very brilliant yet she never tried to showcase it. There was an acute shortage of confidence in her life. Moreover, it was very strange for me to observe how everybody around her was also unaware of the potential of this child. I discussed this issue with her class teacher and other teachers teaching her.  We took this challenge to uncover her potential.

She had great knowledge and a perfect understanding of toughest conceptual theories but lacked the motivation and confidence to perform in front of others. At this point, we teachers thought of infecting her with positivity and optimism.

With time, patience, and care, we ultimately helped her find herself.  We tried to make her aware of her great potential bit by bit so that she could first develop self-confidence and then motivated her to take challenges in life to overcome her fears. Since childhood, we always heard that there is always victory beyond your Fear. We realised this when after a few months, we started seeing some results. All the teachers decided collectively that her Class teacher could talk to her parents during the PTM to understand her better and made them believe that they would improve their child’s life.

We started pushing her further and her English teacher realized her potential for communication and expression, hence she forced her to write scripts and direct her class spectrum. She wrote the whole script with vigour and handled everything beautifully. This was her first achievement which gave her the confidence to strive further. She later took part in writing and managing events. At this point, she was no longer ‘that shy girl’ I had met earlier- she had transformed into a better yet more confident student. Later on, we came across an internship program for our students where we had to select students to represent MRIS- 51 as ambassadors for different fields. The English teacher thought of this as a great opportunity for the child to open up and showcase her talent to a large audience. She was apprehensive at first but she gracefully stood alone and expressed her views.

We worked in sync to enhance her potential and once she regained her self-belief,  she came up with her poems and her talent to showcase her views to the tremendous world. It is human nature that we are always afraid of trying or doing new things, and we always want to be in our comfort zone. We motivated her to publish her first 26 poems as an E-Book ~ ‘Beyond the Words’. She was very hesitant at first but later trusted us and agreed to it. This was the biggest milestone of her life and there was no looking back afterwards. She realized that ‘Fears are nothing more than a state of mind.’

With time, her personality changed for the better, and her communication skills, body language spoke wonders; it was like a dream come true for her parents to witness their daughter growing into her best confident self.

The launch of her E-Book made her believe more in the power of positive hope. She was extremely and genuinely thankful to us for having played a positive role in her life. From this instance, she learned a lesson that she ‘WILL NOT BE AFRAID OF ANY KIND OF UNKNOWN FEAR’ rather she will face the situation.

Kashvi chose the second meaning of fear in her life-‘Face Everything and Rise’

Let’s have a positive mind-set. There is nothing that one cannot do. It’s okay to feel nervous and it’s okay to falter. All must have heard the famous quote.

Mistakes are proof that you are trying!’

Author: Ms. Sakshi Wadhwa, TGT Science, MRIS, Mayfield Gardens, Sec. 51, Gurugram.