The Wisdom Voyage Series- Episode 4

Unity In Diversity – Building a Bright Future at MRIS

Synchronizing diversity and inclusivity is the art of harmonizing the richness of differences within a community or organization while ensuring that every individual feels valued and included. It involves fostering an environment where people of varied backgrounds, perspectives, age groups, gender and identities come together to collaborate and thrive. This synchronization transcends mere tolerance and actively promotes equity, empathy, and equal opportunities. It’s about recognizing that diversity is a strength and that true progress is achieved when everyone’s voices are heard and respected, creating a vibrant world of unity that celebrates the uniqueness of each belief.

Our Country India is known for its diverse culture,  language,  food,  customs, religions and faith but its essence lies in bringing all of them together like different flowers of a beautiful bouquet tied with an unbreakable string of love.

Now let’s ponder-who could ever think of bringing the essence of Unity embracing diversity in Education but Manav Rachna International School, Sec 51, Gurugram?  The name itself speaks about the motto – Manav means human and Rachna means creation.

Manav Rachna Educational Institutions provide a joyful learning environment that nurtures each child’s curiosity. At MRIS, we believe in maintaining the same philosophy in all  aspects of  the school, even in admissions. Manav Rachna International School, Sec 51, the best school in Gurugram is open for all children belonging to any section of the society. Even the NEP talks about each individual being unique and that its uniqueness needs to be respected.

Change Equality to Equity

In a pursuit of fair and just society, the government has made laws to ensure that everyone is treated equally irrespective of their status or identity. Manav Rachna International School, Sec 51, one of the top international schools in Gurugram, we go a step further in championing equity, so that each child becomes a future ready, confident leader. Mentors focus on nurturing holistic growth, fostering a positive and balanced outlook towards life ultimately cultivating responsible citizens.

As it is also said that ‘children who learn together, learn to live together’. Ample opportunities and hands-on-experiences are given to each child to bring inclusion where students hold each other’s hands, work together toward the areas of strengths and weakness and move forward in the race of life.

Knowledge has no religion, no colour, no caste and no creed. At Manav Rachna International School, Sec 51- the top school in Gurugram, we firmly believe that knowledge is a pathway to success.  To encourage and support our students’ pursuit of excellence, we offer scholarships for Board exams in Grade 10. Through this commitment to equity, we help unlock the full potential of every student, irrespective of their background or circumstances.

Innovative Teaching Pedagogies

Students of the top CBSE affiliated school in Gurugram, i.e. MRIS, Sec 51, are involved in various Innovative practices that bring out the best in each child.  The whole learning process is child-centric around whom all other parameters and goals move. Various innovative activities are planned keeping in mind that each child learns at his or her own pace like: Gamification, Project-based learning, Flip teaching, Games to build team building skills, Storytelling as a pedagogy, Peer learning, Demonstration, Experiments, using art as a medium to reflect and recapitulate concepts which helps kids to:

  • Construct learning and not gathering information.
  • Developing skills rather than knowledge.
  • Develop 21st century skills; 4C’s- Communication, Creativity, Collaboration and Critical Thinking
  • More scope of reasoning, research, and exploration.
  • Promote communication skills
  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Promote curiosity and creativity
  • Learn for the environment -emphasizing inculcation of values, attitudes and skills related to protection of the environment.

Students are provided with a platform to display their knowledge and talent at numerous levels. Coding Hackathon Competition was organized by Techradiance at IIT Hyderabad in the month of April 2023 with the objective to identify the knowledge and skills of all the participants, on the basis of which winners of the championship were declared. Three teams from MRIS-51 participated and qualified the first round which was the Quiz round.  Our teams were on the 20th position in the first round from the 100 teams who participated. In the second or the final round the teams had to present their task in minimum time with great efficiency.

We are proud and overwhelmed with joy to declare that our team bagged the first position winning a cash prize of Rs 20,000/- out of the hundred teams. This is a National level victory!


Children learn the best when any concept is taught in their first language (L1) as it is the medium of expression which connects two hearts. Manav Rachna International School, Sec 51 promotes Multilingualism, aligning with Research that underscores the value of developing skills in a child’s home language. This approach not only facilitates learning but also preserves a child’s personal, social and cultural identity. Our students are immersed in a rich linguistic environment exposing them to multiple oral languages from an early age. This exposure not only provides significant cognitive stimulation but also paves the way for seamless transition into learning languages such as French, German, Spanish, Sanskrit in the later years.

Celebrations /Assemblies/ Meetups as a part of Learning

Celebrations deepen the relationship between peers and teachers. At Manav Rachna International School, Sec 51,the best school in Gurugram, each and every festival is celebrated with full fervour.  Every student is provided a platform to experience unity in diversity and respect it, whether it is Diwali, Eid-Ul-Fitr, Christmas, Gurupurv, Pongal or Gudi Padwa.

Our approach to education extends beyond classrooms, involving parents as partners in the learning journey. This collaboration enhances the schooling journey, making it more enjoyable and secure for kids. It also fosters a closer home-school relationship which is important for the holistic development of the child. Events such as Mother’s Day,  Father’s Day, Grandparents’ Day , Coffee morning, PEC, Seminars , workshops, orientations serve as opportunities for personal connections to form. Through these meaningful interactions, we strengthen the sense of community and unity that is at the heart of our school’s mission.

Multiple Means of Expressions

Students can be more productive and joyous with a creative mind-set. Creativity makes students independent workers, critical thinkers and problem – solvers. FS&S, MEDIASHALA, MAKERSHALA, Clubs, Clan, all provide opportunities to Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Test, Recreate where students are open to new perspectives to find solutions to a given problem. They see the world not in one way but these activities broaden their horizons to a wide range of spectrum where different perspectives collide, innovate, and collaborate to come to a conclusion.

Sustainability – Creating Lifelong Learners

Life Skills play a crucial role in developing the personality of an individual. Manav Rachna International School, Sec 51 believes that if you want to See the Change, Be the Change. Keeping this philosophy, students participate in different activities related to  the UN SDG Goals and learn  how their single step  can make a big difference in someone’s life. Building compassion towards others, elders and society is part of the school culture.

Initiatives like Compost pit , Kitchen Garden, Cleanliness drive, Donation drive ‘Ek Muthi Daan’, Beat the Plastic, Earth Week, India Week, Zumba Sessions, Eco -Warriors, all serve to sensitize our students about the basic needs of humanity, and the imperative of conserving our natural resources. These activities instill a sense of unity in diversity, emphasizing that Earth is the shared home for all living creatures. These experiences demonstrate to our students that a convergence of diverse perspectives and backgrounds can work harmoniously to achieve shared objectives. This process helps bridge divides and cultivates individual development as curious learners, effective communicators, critical thinkers, and, most importantly, well-rounded individuals. Through this comprehensive approach, we equip our students not only to excel academically but also to become conscientious and empathetic global citizens who actively contribute to the improvement of our world.

The new definition of Learning at MRIS, Sec 51 is:

Learning to Live and Learning to Be!”

Manav Rachna International School, Sec 51 Embraces Unity in Diversity, Building a Bright Future with Visibility.

Accepts Weakness and Celebrates Failures where all students Learn and Grow together crossing  the Barriers!

Changes Equality to Equity and Brings Education to All with Smile and Dignity.

Authored by: Ms. Monika Yadav, PRT Primary Teacher, Manav Rachna International School, Sec-51, Gurugram.