Success Mantra of Life: Be Multilingual

Success Mantra of Life: Be Multilingual

Success Mantra of Life: Be Multilingual

Success Mantra of Life: Be Multilingual

Success Mantra of Life: Be Multilingual


“One language sets you in the corridor of life. Two languages open every door along the way.” –  Frank Smith


Have you ever wondered about the incredible advantages that come with learning a second language? In a world that’s becoming more interconnected and globalized by the day, the benefits of mastering another language go beyond effective communication. From enhanced cognitive abilities and improved memory retention to enriched cultural experiences and expanded career opportunities, digging into the realm of a second language opens up a world of possibilities.

Manav Rachna International School Ludhiana upskills its students not only in English, Hindi or Punjabi but surges ahead and ventures in the International language zone of French!

In this blog, we’ll dive into the myriad advantages that the best schools in India offer to students who begin on a language learning journey, shedding light on how this pursuit can enrich both your personal and professional life.

We are aware that the basic needs of a human include food, shelter and clothing; however, the most essential need we subsist on is of ‘communication’. Considering this, man’s most crucial invention is the creation of languages. Human beings are naturally social beings and will cease to evolve in the absence of languages. Without communication none of the brightest ideas would have ever been executed.  We, at Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana, aspire to provide our students with the opportunity to flourish in all walks of life and encourage them to pursue learning a second language. In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, speaking a second language is a ‘ must have’ skill that gives us the ability to communicate and connect with people from across the world in a much faster way. Knowing a foreign language gives us that extra edge that is needed amidst cut-throat competition among young adults.



English is undoubtedly most widely accepted as the global language but that does not imply that other languages are of lesser value. Mastering multiple languages engages our cognitive abilities, bolstering memory retention in our brains, particularly as human attention spans appear to diminish increasingly in daily life. It has been proven repeatedly that learning a new language boosts our cognitive and comprehension skills. Not only does it contribute to maintaining sharper focus, but it also effectively shields against numerous distractions, resulting in elevated levels of productivity. This presents notable benefits to students, spanning not only their academic pursuits but also various aspects of their personal lives, thereby amplifying their prospects for achievement in their careers. Acquiring a second language not only boosts creativity and self-assurance but also nurtures an understanding of different cultures and enables engagement with a worldwide society. As a result, students achieve heightened degrees of divergent thinking, creativity, and cognitive advancement in contrast to monolingual individuals. Students at Manav Rachna can select from Hindi, Punjabi, and French, expanding their linguistic horizons. Someone who is exposed to a second language surely gets his hands on a whole new set of literature and grammar. Keeping that in mind, we expose our students to a myriad of languages at a very young age. Students at Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana, pick up a language even before they know that they are being exposed to something new like ‘LANGUAGE.’ Our impact in the realm of education stands out, surpassing those who are on a similar path. Our students don’t just possess proficiency in various languages; they exhibit a genuine enthusiasm for mastering them. Whether it’s delving into grammar, phonetics, pronunciation, or language nuances, they acquire an insatiable thirst for knowledge!

Speaking of languages, Hindi, as India’s national language and rooted in ancient Sanskrit, occupies a pivotal role in connecting the nation’s diverse populace of over 1.5 billion people hailing from various dialects and backgrounds. With a quarter of the world’s population within its borders, India’s economic growth is remarkable, and being fluent in the national language, Hindi provides young adults with a passport to opportunities. With India’s youthful demographic and vast workforce, fluency in Hindi translates into the ability to work anywhere in the country, fostering both professional and cultural growth. As the third most spoken language globally, Hindi is a gateway to India’s rich cultural conglomeration and dynamic economic landscape.

Similarly, about 2.5 million Indians identify Punjabi as their “mother tongue.” In the Indian state of Punjab, it is also taught as a second language in various educational establishments.  Grammatically, it is very close to Hindi, making it easy for students to grasp instantaneously. With the migration of many Punjabis to Western countries, Punjabi is becoming a ‘sought-after language’ because of its growing popularity in the fields of music, theater and cinemas. Punjabi hip-hop and rap music are loved by youngsters and elders alike. The United Nations has recognized approximately 6,000 languages globally, and the Punjabi language ranks tenth among the top-ranked languages.

Regardless, the majority of students from the top international schools in India who prefer travelling abroad might be of the opinion that Hindi and Punjabi aren’t ideal as their second languages and that they would be more interested in learning a rather foreign language than ones they already know how to speak. This drives us to provide them with the option of inculcating French. French stands as the language poised for the future, securing the second spot as the most beneficial language for global business endeavors. It ranks among the top ten disciplines that exhibit a high potential for reducing unemployment rates and boosting income levels. Following English, French takes the position as the second most commonly acquired foreign language and holds the fifth rank in terms of global language usage. Notably, both French and English are the sole languages taught in every nation worldwide. Additionally, French, like English, is the exclusive language offered in educational institutions across the globe. France operates the biggest international network of cultural institutes. It is a language of culture thus, is the international language of cooking, fashion, theater, the visual arts, dance and architecture. Knowledge of French offers easy access to great works of literature by revered authors and poets, which are not only authentic but also insightful.

Being a career asset, learning a second language gives students the edge they need to strengthen their applications and heighten their chances of bagging admissions to top universities amongst the cut-throat competition of the other applicants. Moreover, it is a really good base language to learn if you want to pursue learning other languages, especially Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian. It is also highly beneficial for students who aspire to travel through Europe and North America, clustered with numerous French-dominated provinces.

The human brain has evolved to be multilingual, and by not indulging in learning more than one language exploits our potential. Researches prove that we are heading towards a world that is losing out languages at an alarming rate, and if ‘we, the educators,’ don’t do anything now, then the future generations will be left with nothing but just the shallow vision of literature. The onus is on the shoulders of all the educators from the top schools in Ludhiana to uplift a dying survivor named ‘language. It facilitates the delay of conditions like Dementia and Alzheimer’s in people. Just as we sought physical exercise and a healthy diet to maintain our bodies, we also require cognitive exercises to keep our brains from deteriorating.

Moreover, bilingualism ensures strengthened social connections with the community we reside in. In a small step towards expanding our varied relationship opportunities, bilingualism can make our existing relationships even stronger than ever before. Various studies have shown higher levels of empathy, compassion and benevolence in bilingual people. Young minds peak their mental abilities in school years, which makes it relatively easier for them to learn a language at this time compared to doing so later in life. Ensuring that they are enabled to break down the barriers in communicative and educational spheres of their life and are a part of an inclusive society globally, they can also opt for summer or exchange programs in various host countries and widen their horizons through exposure. The exchange provides them with first-hand information and knowledge of a language.

At MRIS Ludhiana, we don’t restrict the language just to classroom teaching but take it much beyond and farther. A very conducive and sanguine environment is created where the students catch the French language, as it is rightly said that ‘languages are caught than taught.’ Special features of France and hot tourist spots are shown to the students with the help of digital tools, which helps them to understand the native culture and roots of the language they are learning! They are not only proud to be well-versed in a foreign language but are also very competitive!

“Our pride and happiness know no bounds when we often hear our students singing French songs so confidently that it seems they were born in France! The reverberation of their voices travels along the staircases and corridors, producing a distinct echo.” Gunjan Bassan shares delightful experiences. They sing, dance, and engage in conversations in French so seamlessly that it gives the impression they hail from a foreign land they have never set foot in. Foreign languages are too abstruse for the little ones, but our students are paragons and adept learners! Their gregarious nature and knowledge will help them to explore untread paths of foreign lands with ease.

In conclusion, the benefits outlined above are essential and should be considered while making choices for the student’s bright future. It shall unlock potential not only educationally but also mentally, socially and emotionally. The journey of mastering a second language transcends mere communication skills, opening a treasure trove of cognitive, cultural, and professional benefits. Therefore, as we step forward towards the linguistic voyage, let’s embrace the diverse world of languages, celebrating the boundless opportunities they bring to our minds, hearts, and futures.

‘A language is the road map of a society, culture and traditions, it surely portrays beliefs, customs and transitions!’

Author: Ms. Gunjan Bassan, Headmistress, MRIS Ludhiana.