Everything Good, Everything Magical, Happens DURING the Summer Season!

Summer Vacation is the time for adventure and happiness.  It is that time period when students can take a break from their regular school studies and enjoy the vast beauty of nature sprawled across the Globe.  During summer vacations, students become physically and emotionally recharged as they establish a strong mental vibe with nature and revel in the surrounding beauty. Such vibes keep them physically and mentally strong.  Students get some quality time to bask in the beauty of nature and be emotionally strong. They are pulled away from stressful and depressive circumstance.

However Summer Vacation is not all about Nature Hopping! Break from school sometimes result just in Day Dreaming- I strongly object to the waste of this time period.  Apart from undertaking Adventurous Activities, it is the best time for one’s personal growth. Many youth prefer to enroll themselves in different types of classes like theatre, language, personality development, and above all Competitive Classes. It is all about choice. I believe, no pressure should be levied on the minds of students to make choices that are unsuitable to their nature and belief- hence this time period is the time of Self Exploration. Personal Growth is always at the top of  the Priority List of Manav Rachna International School pan India. The Mentors believe in grooming their mentees in a way where they are prepared to take up the world in their stride. In this wonderful Blog Post we will read about Manav Rachna International School, Sector 14, Faridabad’s Students’ Aanya Bist and Prajesh Aggarwal, Grade X Archimedes’s feelings~Editor



Sprucing Up the Learning

Summer Times are FUN times, for the Manav Rachna International School Sector 14, Faridabad students, replete with visits from family and friends, laughter, and joy…but Is Summer Vacation about all these?  Certainly not! Teenagers like us are almost always on the move. When was the last time you ever found time to tune that guitar, cook that delicacy, devour that book, cycle through that stretch…well, you are almost there. Summer vacation is around the corner, fasten your seatbelts…and be ready to roll.

After the grueling schedule of examinations, the summer break is a much-awaited event for all students of the best school of Faridabad. This is a time to relax and spend time with one’s family and friends. Kids can indulge in many summer activities without the pressure of waking up early and having to complete assignments. It is certainly important for children to have a break from school, as it allows them to rest and boosts their morale.

Although it may seem tempting to spend the entire vacation unwinding and playing video games, utilizing this time properly and productively will help students to excel among their peers. Maintaining a proper study schedule can benefit the student and be critical for achieving such academic distinction.

Vacations provide a unique opportunity for students to develop and hone new skills. With the various provisions that cater to our creativity and passion at Manav Rachna International School, IS THE BEST CBSE SCHOOL where students can discover novel interests during the summer break.  No doubt, MRIS-14 offers various co-curricular and recreational activity courses that enable the students to explore and enhance their aptitude.

We are here going to delve further into the options available to us, and ways through which a more fulfilling and enriching experience can be had during these days away from school.

The priority – Sound Health

Summer breaks are indeed meant to be enjoyed to the fullest.  MRIS 14, Faridabad understands that we must not be ignorant of our physical health. During this time, some of us tend to sit in front of a screen throughout the day, neglecting its side effects and the importance of good physical health. Vacations are the opportune time for building your physical strength and fitness. Playing a sport is an enjoyable and efficient way of keeping one’s physical health. Keeping this in mind, the best CBSE School Manav Rachna International School offers the best sports facilities in Faridabad. It is equipped with a football ground, shooting range, archery court, swimming pool, basketball court, and an indoor badminton and table tennis academy. The school regularly hosts and takes part in tournaments and frequently competes at the state level.

Join that CLUB!

For students who are not so sport if, joining clubs is a great alternative, as it allows them to gain exposure and expand their horizons by organizing frequent trips. This gives students hands-on work experience and teaches them how to deal with responsibilities and work with a team.  This can be a transformational experience for students and help them cultivate friendships.

Manav Rachna International School is the best International School provides a variety of clubs from which students can choose. The Media Shala Club, for instance, is a platform where students can exhibit and nourish their skills and creativity. It allows its members to choose from an extensive list of recreational activities such as graphic designing, video editing, photography, social media management, content writing, and anchoring. Members of the club also get to go on educational tours and field trips. Students will be equipped by the Media Shala Club to understand the value and nuances of many forms of mass media.

 Another wonderful and effective way to improve one’s performance in school is to take extra classes during the break. A long break from studies may be detrimental to one’s grasp of a concept. Regular practice is the key to retaining knowledge. Students can sign up for classes about topics they are interested in or wish to pursue a career in. You know what? You can also learn a new language with similar courses. Knowing several languages is an extremely sought out skill and will be helpful for building a career in the future.

 Pursue your PASSION

With so much time in hand, we must not let it be forgone. Vacations present us teens with the opportunity to pursue new interests. Practicing hobbies helps improves one’s focus and concentration. Whether it be painting, theatre, or learning a musical instrument, having a hobby can be a terrific way to relax and pass the time. Exploring diverse types of recreational activities can help us find something we are truly passionate about.

Volunteer a Little!

Another way to stay busy during the break while also contributing to your community is by volunteering. Students can group up and organize cleanliness drives in their societies or drives for books and old clothes which can be donated to local orphanages. One can volunteer in old age homes, and even offer to help neighbors with chores or walking their pets. There are plenty of student volunteer programs and NGOs that teenagers can participate in. Not only is it charitable and helpful for gaining work experience, but volunteering also motivates other teenagers to help around their communities.

Ace that Delicacy

Knowing how to cook is an incredibly valuable life skill, and there is no better time to learn. Not only is it fun, but being able to cook will also make you more self-reliant. Learning a few recipes and experimenting in the kitchen will certainly come in useful in the future. Taking cooking classes, learning from elders, or even learning online will help one to master the art of cooking. What is more, as is well known, cooking is a great way to unwind and destress. And who would not want to gain some brownie points from Mom! (That way you can always be their favorite)


Reading books, be it fictional or non-fictional, is not only an effective way to improve one’s writing and communication skills, but it also stimulates one’s imagination and reduces stress. Visit your local library and explore new genres, step out of your comfort zone, and develop a broader perspective. Regularly reading a diverse variety of books will increase your vocabulary and open your mind to innovative ideas and perspectives.  

Find your own PARADISE!

A fantastic way to learn about and absorb new cultures is by travelling. Travel makes one wiser and the vision expands. Exploring unfamiliar cities, interacting with different people, and enhancing your social skills are a few of the many reasons why travelling is important. One can enjoy the true beauty of nature by visiting remote places, or marvel at the extraordinary feats of human creation when touring monuments. Even travelling to visit family members can be made into a learning experience by visiting local museums and researching the history of the place. One should never miss out on the chance to educate themselves and learn new skills.  


Summer vacations provide a remarkable window of opportunity for one to strengthen one’s weaknesses and further develop innate strengths. One must make the most of this chance and focus on their flaws. If it is physical health that requires immediate attention, what other time could be better than the relaxed Summers for joining groups for evening walks, jogging, running, cycling or, for that matter, swimming. If it is a spiritual call that hearkens within, one may indulge in volunteering for service in temples, gurudwaras, mosques, churches around in the vicinity. The point is to rejuvenate from within.”

This is amazing, I tell Aanya, and turning towards the eager ears, I ask them, “Which is the major obstacle faced by you all?

And to this, I hear murmurs of ‘procrastination’ doing the rounds…

I tell them, “It is okay, a major obstacle faced by students is procrastination. But frequently squandering and procrastinating through your time won’t be fruitful. Incorporating a routine and maintaining discipline will allow you to achieve your goals and will also help you to be punctual and organized, and decreases stress.”

They nod their heads in unison and seem to have made up their minds by now. The traveller has already packed his bags, the writer has already started to spin words in the mind, the actor is already attending Theatre Workshops and there, that one in the corner, he’s already biking his way to painting classes….

The buzz has just begun…

Compiled by: Ms. Shalini Choithwani, PGT English, MRIS-14

Written by: Aanya Bist and Prajesh Aggarwal, Grade X Archimedes, MRIS-14