Summer Vacation is a magical time brimming with joys of sunshine, laughter, and carefree moments. This period of relaxation lessens our worries, and the world seems to slow down. Lounging on sandy beaches, exploring scenic locales, or simply spending time with loved ones- summer vacation bliss encompasses the joy of living in the present. It is a time to create beautiful memories that can warm our hearts for years. These cherished memories resonate with Keats’s poem, ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever…its loveliness increases, it never passes into nothingness.’ Truly these cherished memories grow in our hearts with each passing day, only to rejuvenate us whenever we are distressed. Hence Summer Vacation is the period of bliss where happiness is found in the simplest of moments- the memories of which multiply by leaps and bounds with each passing year!  Bringing to you all, reminiscences of the Summer Vacation 2023 as enjoyed by our sweet students of MRIS 21C, Faridabad… Happy Reading!

Summer means good sunshine and joyous times.


I was winding up for the day, and suddenly Aaliyah, an IV Grader of Manav Rachna International School 21 C who happens to be my daughter too, came to me running and asked animatedly, “Mom! I want my summer vacation to be fun and full of activities. I want to get a first-hand experience of nature and wildlife. So, let’s go to a national park or wildlife sanctuary this time- please- please- please.”

Me: “Ok, but where is it coming from?”

Aaliyah quipped that they were discussing about summer vacations with her friends, and then she realized that she wants to spend time around nature rather than gadgets.

This coming from a 9-year-old made me smile from ear to ear, and it dawned upon me that the most awaited stretch of the season, the happiest period of a student’s life that they enjoy to the core- ‘summer vacation’- is just around the corner. And suddenly, I got an exciting topic to talk about with my students.


Now, I just asked excitedly, if anyone could guess what I was talking about?

And instantly, my students answered in unison, ‘Summer Break‘. There was excitement in their eyes and glow on their face, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that each of them had a well-thought-out plan for the upcoming break and what excellent plans!

Some want to explore new hobbies and interests, like learning something exciting – dancing, painting, singing, yoga, karate, and summer camps. Others look forward to reading a favourite book plopped down in a cosy corner of their homes, oblivious to the world.

A few of them want to go on a leisurely trek to hill stations like Manali, Auli, Khajihar etc., to beat the scorching heat and revel in the divine starry nights, welcome chilly mornings with a cup of hot chocolate, walk on the streets enveloped with fog and a cool mountain breeze or travel to any part of this beautiful world with family and friends to get to know about different cultures, customs, discover new cuisines and expand their horizons and experience for; the world is a book.

The most effervescent way to ensure you have a summer to remember is to plan for it. The young minds of Manav Rachna International School 21C have numerous plans for this summer vacation.

When I interacted with the students of MRIS 21C, they shared unique plans vivaciously:

“I want to play football during the summer holidays as it teaches cooperation and teamwork. It enables us to improve upon and develop a broad range of skills like throwing, catching, balance, agility etc. Football IS NOT JUST A SPORT, BUT IT has become an emotion for many. The suspense while playing this game is huge. Many footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have been role models for fans like us as their focus and commitment towards the sport has been inspirational.”   Aadvik Gautam VIII.

Siah Jain of Class VIII said that she wants to join theatres, and further adding, she wants to be a performing artist in future. She thinks, she possesses several qualities required to be a theatre artist, like good memory power, oratory skills, dancing, singing, creativity, etc. She desires to explore this new activity and see if it provides her with a platform to express her emotions better.

“Cricket is my passion, and I want to get professional training. I have been watching cricket for the past many years. My favourite cricketer is M.S. Dhoni. I consider him my inspiration because I like how he leads the Indian cricket team and sees opportunity in every challenge. How he keeps calm in all situations during the game is exemplary.” Manas Rai VIII of the Best Middle School, Faridabad, spoke.

After discussing this with the students of Grade VIII, I started preparing for my next session. While I was gathering my worksheets in Synergy (Staff Room), I was still recollecting how Summer Vacations enable children in their discovery, satiating their curious minds and providing them with an opportunity to contemplate and willingly learn a new skill, suddenly I overheard two students passing by discussing Swimming. I couldn’t stop myself from asking them their reason for glee.

And they immediately retorted in excitement, “Ma’am, we are happy about swimming classes, which we will be picking during summer break. I cannot wait to learn the swimming strokes.” I could see the pearls of happiness in his eyes while expressing his aspiration. “I want to participate in national and international swimming competitions in future and win laurels,” exclaimed Laqshay Gupta of Grade VII.

The whole School was pervading with joy and triumph, given the summer break approaching near. The early years’ teachers were discussing the same and were amused to hear what the little learners had to say about summer vacations.

One of the teachers shared how a child from her class enjoys playing with sand and joyfully expressed that he would like to go to Goa. When asked about the kind of engagements, he said, “I will go to the pool and beach, play with sand and water, do swimming, and make sand castles.” Yuvaan Jain of Grade 1 added.

Upon hearing this, his friend Riyarth Agrawal added, “I would like to go to the water park and stay there for three days in a room. Then, I will go swimming and enjoy water rides.”

Undeniably, children of the best school in Faridabad eagerly await summer break as it fills them with delight. Our discussion among teachers was half-through when one of the students came running to her teacher to say such a lovely thing. “Ma’am, I heard my friends talking about summer vacation. I also wanted to tell you how I would like to spend it. You know- I will go to Kashmir and play with the snow there, make snow castles, and play with my parents with snowballs.” While stating this, Shivanshi Sharma, a student of Grade KG, had an ear-to-ear smile on her face. What bliss!

During dispersal, I happened to meet a student from of the Best International School’s Early Years named Rasleen Kaur, sitting quietly in the corner of the room. I approached her to check if everything was fine, and she believed me; it was a little surprise packet.  Suddenly, she exclaimed, that’s he was thinking about the book she would read during the summer break and buy the same. I will buy ‘Tim and the Magic Bin’ and read it aloud to my parents.”

Summer vacation gives our young minds a priceless gift- a chance to create memories that will last a lifetime, for the simplest things in life can evoke powerful memories- timeless treasures of the heart. It is the greatest gift God has bestowed upon us, allowing us to live one moment one thousand times over. So, with these thoughts on my mind, I reached home, and the moment I opened the door!


‘Ohhh… Thank God! Back to School Now!’  

RACONTEUR: Mrs. Sujata Kumar, TGT Mathematics, MRIS 21C, Faridabad.

Expressed By: Aaliyah, Shivanshi Sharma, Riyarth Agrawal, Rasleen Kaur, Aadvik Gautam, Laqshay Gupta, Yuvaan Jain, Siah Jain, Manas Rai, Yuvaan Jain, Riyarth Agrawal.