READING: The Strongest Brick in Academic Building

READING: The Strongest Brick in Academic Building

READING: The Strongest Brick in Academic Building

READING: The Strongest Brick in Academic Building

READING: The Strongest Brick in Academic Building

The Knowledge Basket Series- Part 3

“To learn to read is to light a fire” — Victor Hugo

In today’s fast-paced digital age, where technology surrounds us, the joy and benefits of reading are often overlooked. Regardless of that, reading remains a foundational skill that has a great impact on a student’s academic success and holistic growth as it opens the way to knowledge, creativity, and critical thinking.

Being one of the top schools in the Delhi-NCR area, Manav Rachna International School, Charmwood understands the importance of strong language skills. The institution has been successful in laying the foundation for lifelong learning in students by cultivating a habit of reading through Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) activities, the RAZ Plus program (An online reading program – which is designed to support student reading development at school and home.), Literary Clubs and Language Fiesta, to name a few.

In this blog, we will delve into why reading plays a vital role in a student’s overall development and how it can unlock the doors of knowledge.

 It is a well-known fact that world of words is opened by Reading. By getting exposed to diverse vocabulary, sentence structures, and writing styles, students gain a deeper understanding of language and its nuances. MRIS Charmwood- the best CBSE School in Faridabad engages learners with the practice of reading as rich vocabulary enhances comprehension, writing ability, and effective communication, providing a solid foundation for success in all academic subjects. An enhanced vocabulary enables one to express frequently, both in a written and verbal manner. Students who read extensively are more likely to grasp complex concepts and express themselves with clarity and precision.

The key to academic success is proficient reading comprehension: Through reading, students develop crucial comprehension skills such as identifying main ideas, making inferences, and drawing conclusions. These skills enable them to navigate complex concepts, analyze information, and think critically across various subjects. Comprehension skills also help in empowering them to evaluate credibility and form their own opinions.

Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills: Reading cultivates critical thinking and analytical skills by exposing students to diverse perspectives, challenging ideas, and complex narratives. When engaged in reading, students encounter various viewpoints, prompting them to question, evaluate, and interpret information critically. They learn to consider different perspectives and develop well-researched arguments. These qualities contribute to problem-solving, improved thinking capability, and success in academic endeavors. Students who read actively become adept at analyzing information, understanding biases, and making informed decisions.

Academic Performance: Reading proficiency directly impacts academic performance across all subjects. Whether it’s comprehending textbooks, scientific articles, historical documents, or solving word problems in Mathematics, strong reading skills are crucial for engaging with the subject matter effectively. Reading enables students to grasp complex concepts, leading to improved grades and a deeper understanding of the subject.

Reading Fluency: Regular reading practice enhances reading fluency and speed. Fluent readers can effortlessly comprehend text, leading to improved understanding and enjoyment of reading. Additionally, increased reading speed enables students to cover more material in less time, which is beneficial for completing assignments, conducting research, and studying for exams efficiently.

Cognitive Development: The top CBSE School in Faridabad- MRIS Charmwood understands that reading is like a workout for our brains. When we read, our minds become stronger and smarter. It helps us remember things better by exercising our memory. Reading also improves our ability to concentrate and pay attention to important details. It’s like solving puzzles as we follow the characters’ journeys and try to figure out the story’s problems. By reading, we learn new words and their use, which makes us better at speaking and writing. Our imagination grows as we visualize the characters and places in the story. We become more creative and can think of new ideas.

Developing Empathy and Cultural Awareness:  Reading allows us to step into the shoes of diverse cultures, lifestyles, and experiences. It acts as a catalyst to develop empathy and cultural awareness. MRIS Charmwood- a CBSE Affiliated School has successfully incorporated diverse aspects of literature into its curriculum. Thus, our students have gained exposure to different cultures, traditions, and societal challenges. This exposure has also encouraged students to develop a global mindset.

Shared Interests: Reading also plays a crucial role in the development of strong relationships with teachers. A common ground is thus created between students and teachers. When students read widely, they may come across books, articles, or topics that align with their teachers’ interests. Discussing these shared interests can foster a sense of connection and mutual understanding. Students can seek book recommendations from their teachers and engage in discussions about the content, leading to a stronger relationship.

Lifelong Learning: Instilling a love for reading from an early age cultivates a lifelong passion for learning. Students who embrace reading as a habit possess a broader knowledge base, strong analytical skills, and a curious mindset. They are more likely to engage in self-learning, explore diverse subjects, and continue to grow academically and personally throughout their lives.

To Conclude: Reading is a powerful tool that ignites academic success and fosters a love for learning. Being one of the best schools in India, we emphasize inculcating language skills, comprehension abilities, and critical thinking as it develops students with all the essential qualities to excel in their academic pursuits and beyond. Providing exposure to an extensive range of books helps to create an atmosphere that motivates students to realize their highest potential. So, let us celebrate the life-changing power of reading and encourage the next generation to unlock infinite possibilities through words. This is the time to pick up a book and embark on exciting adventures through its pages.

Author: Ms. Granthana Bhatt, PRT, MRIS Charmwood.