A Heartfelt Post by the Principal Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana
Republic Day 2023

“Abide with me, fast falls the eventide. The darkness deepens Lord, with me abide.When other helpers fail and comforts flee Help of the helpless, oh, abide with me…

Hold Thou Thy cross before my closing eyes. Shine through the gloom and point me to the skies. Heaven’s morning breaks and earth’s vain shadows flee. In life, in death, o Lord, abide with me. Abide with me, abide with me…”

Seldom in my introspections do I stroll by the aisles of Rajpath- ‘Kingsway’ humming along to an insightful hymn by Henry Francis Lyte and also a favourite pick of Mahatma Gandhi Ji. This always ruminate my essence with patriotism. India endured as an independent nation, plays the same glorious lyrics with a pepped zeal and gaiety in hearts, appealing to Divine to abide with them and their peers, and also determines their fallen, above and beyond religious connotations to mark the parade of Republic Day-the day when India in its all disposition evolved to be independent and embraced democracy righteously and effectively.

On 26th January 1950, almost 3 years post-independence, we came to be a sovereign, secular, socialist, democratic republic. India earned its constitution and became a free country breaking all the ties with the British reign and today the country commemorates Republic Day with splendour and pageantry. We are taught about our wrangle for freedom, and independence, the formulation and adoption of the Indian Constitution, and our government on this day.

Golden were the days when the school trips were designed to spectate the Republic Parade rather than a fancy resort and the exuberance of being onlookers to the Nation’s proudest March-past was always at the brilliant brow. The whole arena thronged with whistles and hooting when the President of India presided over the Republic Day Celebrations at Rajpath and unfurled the National Flag symbolising blazingly the effect of law and democracy Nationally, followed by the playing of the National Anthem and the firing of cannons within 52 seconds. Tiranga at that epoch not only remained the pride of Indian land but was also seen overpowering the sky with the frails of the subordinating shades via jets and aircraft, tagged as “flypast” exhibiting 41 aircraft with their super skills. A magnificent parade by the regiments of the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force, police, and paramilitary forces was witnessed by everyone. The prowess of India’s defence was all set for a majestic display as well, with the latest missiles, aircraft, and weapon systems. Beautiful tableaus, representing the uniqueness of all the states of India were also showcased during the parade.

The most obliging moment was observed when the honorary civilian honours – the Padma awards were presented to the citizens for their contributions to India in various fields ranging from arts, education, social welfare, music, politics, science, technology, etc. The valour awards of India which are the Ashok Chakra, Paramvir Chakra and Vir Chakra were presented to the brave soldiers for their brave acts on the battlefields- who never had a second thought but to protect the pride of the nation even if it demanded the sacrifice of their own lives. The medals and garlands around their necks seemed to be as beautiful and auspicious as Albatross which would define beauty and bravery in one go. There and then only, I vowed to my soul, that one day, I would also make my amplest admirer- myself, proud of me and this elicited desire was never restricted to only materialistic awards, rather it was a temptation to my inner core and strength which eventually got respite after achieving what I thought of.

Maturing in the hands of an army lineage, very well acquainted me with the potency of life, thereby also familiarising me with its vulnerable level of being unpredictable at all times. This awareness has always brimmed me with the zeal and strength to lead my life optimistically and with great determination to saunter on the untrodden path to attain the heights of conquest.

 Bharath, a nation beyond all definitions, antiquity beyond legends has witnessed peaks of possibilities and poignant pains through these many millennia of its existence. In these 74 years of independence, the first few decades went into the pains of partition and the struggle for survival as a nation and in the last two decades, we have been in a developmental mode. We faced great struggles, and many developments; tremendous enhancements of this nation on all levels were witnessed. Now India stands on a threshold where it can transition to more conscious inclusive growth. This is the time when the nation must come together, to consciously craft its ethos, to envision and create a future, not based on external influences but by determining what works best for us. Still, there are many things unattended. Still, there is malnourishment, poverty, inept literacy rate, and financial crisis but we have somehow managed to come a long way. As a constitutional nation, today we are 74 years old but as a cultural nation, we have been here for 1000 years. We come together not because of the sameness of religion or language, as most nations are made; we came together as the most diverse form. Above all, as a nation, we have been always a land of seekers, not only a land of believers. In this living cosmos, what we know is a very puny little thing, what we do not know is boundless. Understanding that the phenomenon of life is always on full fire if you are in a seeking mode. Whereas, if you come in a believing mode, you merely settle down for what already existed. The never-ending spark or zeal is the repercussion of the inquisitive brilliance of Indians that is leading them to the zenith of success.

Indian culture can renounce the world as a new paradigm of success that includes both internal and external well-beingWhat I believe is that the victory of the nation does not completely depend on its military exploits or political processes but on the success of its commerce and enterprises. With my solemn conviction, I always say that the youth of India Today has this tremendous possibility, responsibility and privilege to transform the way people live in this country. They have the potency of uplifting society and work for the sake of humanity. Thereby, taking an advantage of a prominent day ahead, an edifying assembly for the uprising minds of MRIS was conducted wherein I addressed the young souls and intellect with stupendous mind sets. Being already equipped with the significance of the day, the children came up with ingenious strategies to uplift the society and serve the humanity. Being the bearer of administration at MRIS, Ldh, I invariably foster a Republic mind which remains free from all boundaries, free to fly high, free to speak out loud, and free to blare the innovations because I entrust on the fact that only a Republic mind would represent a Republic Nation. And such qualities were witnessed in this productive session.

Yielding an utmost extensive mind in the campus of Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana is one of my agendas which would not only fetch laurels locally but would also gain the capabilities to shine globally and internationally.  Promoting oneness and a racism-free nation, I encourage my students to stand up altogether as Indians and to embrace the world like a garland knitted with love and humanity for one and all. The children of today are the admirals of tomorrow for this nation and they are capable of bringing a new level of existence, a new paradigm of sensation to human well-being. We harbour the indispensable technologies and the wisdom to make this happen. We ought to make this world a beautiful place, not by conquest or capturing but by captivating the world with our indigenous ideas and innovative research. So, this is the time to strengthen your body and mind, your knowing, and above all, to strengthen your resolve, to be able to take the greatest journey possible.

After striving hard, we as a generation of people have caught up with the place where we have all the critical resources, credentials and technologies to grapple with every mortal hardship on this planet but currently, only an inclusive consciousness is blowing off.  The mighty basis of what we refer to as Bharat is this inclusiveness. It is time that we reap the benefits of this profound tradition in its full glory. We are a nation of great possibilities but there is a distance between possibilities and realities. Do we have the necessary courage and commitment to walk the distance, this is a question. As a generation of people in this country, this is what we have to demonstrate, that we have the intrepidity and commitment to hike the spread and recast this into a great nation.

From our past experiences, we should learn the lessons to be kept in our senses but not the suffering. Let us not dwell in nostalgia or culpability but we should comprehend to assemble our best out of our worst and usher others clasping the sceptre of enlightenment. In some manner, every human being is admiral because each of us has to navigate our boat – whether a small one or a big one. On this day, we all must apprehend how substantial, resilient, wonderful and adept we have become over the past few years and this is how the nation and the world will become in the eventual years.

“Transforming a nation doesn’t take spiritual enlightenment – just some sense and love for everyone who lives around us.” There is no such forte as producing a great nation; we just have to put together remarkable human beings and incredible Minds. If we build great human beings, then there is a great nation and a great world. Let us make it prosperous once again as it is not just a nation but a treasure to the world.

Let’s make it happen- let us again pledge to make our Bharat- A Bhavya Bharat.

“The Nation is not the land – it is the people. In transforming the people, we shall have a great Nation.”

Author: Ms. Anju Dhawan, Principal, MRIS Ludhiana