Our Safety Lock-Near & Dear Ones

Our Safety Lock-Near & Dear Ones

Our Safety Lock-Near & Dear Ones

Our Safety Lock-Near & Dear Ones

Our Safety Lock-Near & Dear Ones

Keys to successful parenting and life!

“A man travels the world over in search of tranquillity, and finally returns to his near & dear ones to find it.”

Wrap me in your Warmth! Protect me from the World!

Humans keep forgetting that family and extended family i.e. the near & dear ones are crucial to them in this fast-paced world and in their stressful lives. They need to understand the value of families more than ever before as everything is losing its value. The notion of family and what it symbolizes hasn’t changed over the years despite the world changing speedily and being more contemporary and sophisticated.

Family serves as a bridge between the past and the future. Family is a term used to describe belonging, warmth, affection, and trust. The bond we have with one another from the moment of our birth is our family. As a reservoir of encouragement and support, family members play a crucial part in determining a person’s accomplishment or failure in life. Manav Rachna International School, (MRIS) Noida always believes in the same.

Grandparents and parents play an important role in the holistic growth of a child. A happy family is always together. The emotional connect strengthens the bond within the family members. A close-knit family is the nucleus of a civilization since time immemorial. Families play a big role in shaping the personality and traits in individuals. The moral values instilled in the heart of the members may seem traditional and restricting at times, but in times of need they stand together as a rock. Manav Rachna International School, Noida always celebrates Grandparents day to honor the elderly stalwarts.

The love and support of family members is the greatest gift which anyone can have. Even if you commit the worst possible thing, family will always be around to support you and lend a shoulder. Family means everything – protection, comfort, support, respect, loyalty, good advice. At the end of the day these are the most important assets which we get from our family to make ourselves strong and grounded. In close knit families, we strengthen our mind with love and support and overcome any challenge which comes in our way. We get the courage to keep on going and ‘never give up’ attitude. Due to the sense of support and love a family provides, we dare to achieve newer horizons.

Love and respect are the two most essential components which keep a family going and help the members in achieving their goals. Family ties cannot be ignored nor can we run away from it. Our flaws, mistakes, wrong doings etc. everything takes a back seat when it comes down to family. Parents’ and Grandparents’ role in raising children in a close-knit family is of utmost important. Grandparents provide a link to one’s forefathers and history. By discussing topics and their own experiences, grandparents impart knowledge and can assist the youngsters in developing a sense of self-identification and of belonging. Grandparents can convey a wide range of skills to children and are an ‘unquenchable storehouse of knowledge and wisdom.’ Grandparents teach their grandkids valuable lessons and serve as role models for them by instilling in them knowledge of good principles, attitudes, and beliefs.

Building a strong foundation within a family should be of utmost importance and it can be made possible only when you trust each other and understand each other.  Family members have to be committed, empathetic and put each other’s needs first. They can be your biggest critic but at the same time family should be the primary space where a a person feels a sense of security. Regular appreciation for small things from your dear ones can make them believe in them and will help in building self-confidence.

Family is a space where no filtration is needed and children can talk about anything and everything with their parents and grandparents. Spending some quality time with the members of the family by taking some time out from the busy hectic life makes a lot of difference. Spiritual wellness of each member of the family should be considered as an important task. Encouragement and mental strength to find inner peace, work towards goals and overcome challenges hold true in the definition of a family.

Family has a great impact on a human’s life; it moulds their personality, morals, physical and psychological well-being. Undoubtedly one of life’s greatest blessings is a content family. ‘Family is not an important thing; it’s everything.’

Let us talk about few family exercises that empower resilience and strengthens the family bond.

  1. Make family time a priority- Children should spend more time with their parents and grandparents. . Spending some time with them, talking with them keeps the bond intact and will make them learn new things from their experiences. To build a stronger relationship needs efforts and giving time to family. Example-Trip a plan to the zoo, nature trip, board games, outdoor sports etc.
  2. Open communication- Children should communicate their feelings openly and without any hesitation for effective bond amongst members
  3. Eat Meals Together: Choose a few nights during the week when you expect everyone to gather around the dinner table. Don’t allow phones or other electronics. Just eat a meal (something easy is fine!) and have a conversation together.
  4. Recognition of different needs- Each member of the family has different needs and we have to cater to each one of them for their better benefit. For example- my youngest daughter loves to play alone. On the other hand, my son loves to play football with me. The individual needs should be identified and support should be given to them separately.
  5. Mistakes done should be taken as experiential learning- The important quality mentally strong families possess is Resilience. There should not be any blame games in close knit families. Siblings should understand that they should help each other with challenges in life. There should be positivity and solutions for hypothetical problems. For example- If you saw your sister being bullied, what would you do?
  6. Role model for Self-development – Self-development is the capability of the mind which we can nurture daily like a flower by watering it and by being open to lifelong learning. Life is a constant learning. We should self-learn and share our learning with our siblings. Parents and grandparents should encourage the children to indulge in activities, make mistakes and learn together. Family should be goal oriented and to succeed, everyone should work together hand in hand. For example- taking yoga class together, cooking healthy food together etc. These activities help to raise close support for each other through thick and thin.
  7. Doing Household Chores together – Cleaning your home or focusing on your yard can be a responsibility the entire family shares. Make a rundown of errands and have everybody join. Then set up a period during the week or toward the end of the week when everybody can handle their tasks simultaneously.
  8. Make Family Customs – Family customs around festivals, occasions or certain   seasons, make it to be a family thing make positive encounters and recollections.

When you set aside special time for family fun and activities, you demonstrate your respect for both your children as individuals and for the family as a whole. Focusing on your loved ones could be the most important gift you can give your family and the best way to strengthen your family ties.

In a close knit family, there will be both obstacles and challenges. But if you follow the above-mentioned points your family will be a force to be reckoned with. All aspects of a child’s development are impacted by the relationships in their lives. Children get knowledge of the outside world through connections with their parents, other family members, and caregivers.

The relationships kids remember the most are those with their parents. Developing relationships with parents help children identify their areas of strength, which affects how they regard themselves and other people. Solid parent-child connections assist youngsters to foster a feeling that everything is good.

The nature of these intimate connections will impact a child’s capacity to shape and keep up with connections in adulthood. A child will undoubtedly explore and effectively make important future relationships if this bond is strong. During youth, peer impact begins to eclipse parental impact, yet the strength of families keeps on assuming a significant part in moulding young people’s turn of events.

Having major areas of strength with positive connections is related with lower levels of juvenile discouragement and delinquency. Mental issues, externalizing ways of behaving, and sorrow among teenagers are essentially diminished with parental help. Additionally, moderate levels of observation and supervision seem to prevent youngsters from acting distant

Envision what it would be like growing up without trust, connection, or security. Key characteristics that guarantee your youngster’s security are trustworthiness, consistency, thoughtfulness, and responsiveness. As a parent, perceiving your kid’s necessities is vital. Also, knowing how they request their necessities is fundamental.


Raising children can be undeniably challenging, yet it can likewise be incredibly fulfilling. It would be best if you could act yourself as you want your child to act and work as you would like your child to work; always remember that you should lead by example.

It’s difficult to be wonderful constantly; however you can continuously endeavor to be your best. Nobody is great and no family is incredible.

However, it is crucial to understand the role that families play in the development of children. Your part as a parent makes you-your child’s most distinctive teacher. A large portion of your child’s learning occurs at home with their loved ones. Establishing an atmosphere where your child can gain proficiency with the fitting abilities and values as well as figures out how to mingle and be secure makes a strong groundwork whereupon he/she can develop their personality. Fostering a warm, supportive, and empathetic relationship with your child will help them transform into the adults they want to become and lay a solid reinforcement  for the rest of their lives.

Author: Ms. Arundhati Gohain, PRT English, MRIS, NOIDA.