Our Family-The Healing Machine!

Our Family-The Healing Machine!

Our Family-The Healing Machine!

Our Family-The Healing Machine!

Our Family-The Healing Machine!


“Mitochondria – the Powerhouse of a family is its love for each other and the power of empathy.”

In the commotion of society where everyone is hit by the turbulence of the chaos in and around, family is a warm cocoon, where prevails camaraderie of harmony and trust among the members! While enjoying oodles of luck or sailing through hardships, one always seeks a benevolent side of his/her clan for motivation, encouragement and support. No matter what the situation is, your loved ones would always be by your side. The lovely, knowledgeable bed-times stories of granny and the anecdotes of life’s experiences quoted by the head of the family cannot be marketed under any label or bought.

The master coup pieces of advice by mother and the deadly stares of father have taught us valuable lessons of life. The pats on the back by elder brother and the motherly care by younger sister are irreplaceable and have always pushed us for the betterment. Each individual around us, supplies us the power to face the world with more courage and bravery.

Just think of the degree of fatigue this world bestows us with, every day!  After a hard day’s toil, there comes a time when we rush to our homes. It’s not only the infrastructure of the house which soothes us and our souls but the members who await us eagerly matter! The tiredness of the whole day goes away when we rest our head in our mother’s lap and share our worries with our father. Isn’t it like sipping a brewed cup of coffee in a silk bed without any worries?

But gone are the days when kids used to run to their families to seek help. The times have changed now, there is a bunch of rough currents flowing through the progeny as technology has advanced, taking them to another embodiment status. Amidst all this we have to ensure our family stays as a pillar of support where all the members are connected with strong bonds of love and affection.  The major concern arises to think of an ideology to lay the foundations for something that can withstand the tests of time and life’s little curve balls.

As a parent, I feel if we take extra care of some little things, we can become one of the most loving squads. The prime teaching that we can provide to our children is how to respect all and treat everyone with affection. The children are the best imitators, and they grasp what they actually see. Respect should always be served first and should be non–negotiable.

There would always be periods of discussion where members have to be firm with values and ethics. It is agreeable that it becomes a challenging task in adverse situations, but we can always deal with it with some impactful thoughts and share the same with our kids– they can be brought in to understand that having arguments or being considered the rivals of their siblings is natural but at the end of the day we have to accept that we are a family and each other’s support system. Family helps to create an environment of dignity. It lets kids (and grownups) cultivate an innate sense of self-worth. It builds a culture of cooperation. It makes home a safe place that one always want to come back to.

The life which we are living may be the dream of someone else. We should talk more about our blessings than our problems. We should be grateful for whatever we have in our lives. Taking things for granted can lead to a devastating mess in our lives, if we gripe about everything that’s lacking.

Teaching kids to be grateful, helps them to have better relationships with friends and family, reduces their materialism, feelings of envy and depression, and in general, makes them happier and more satisfied with life. In the context of a family, it is critical that we build this attitude of gratitude into the very fabric of our lives. Because no matter how simple or content we think we and our family is, we will always be faced with disappointments and setbacks. Talking more about our blessings rather than our problems, cultivates the habit of looking for the positives and in many cases, we’ll find ways to turn the said problems into blessings! 

Everyone in the family has the right to say what he/she feels. But of course, discipline is always our foremost priority. We all would agree that discipline is always a sticky situation. If we’re too strict, we suffocate the kids. If we’re too lax, our kids will rule the roost. Here we have to maintain a perfect balance. They should be comfortable talking about their concerns and problems. We have to be their strength in the times of need. They look forward to us for all the guidance and support. Life is full of challenges, let’s prepare them with the essentials to succeed and flourish in life.

Last but not the least, spending family time together helps in knitting the bond stronger gradually. We as parents are the role models for our children. Let’s try to be the acceptable one. Find ways to spend quality time together. Read together – it will not only enhance the vocabulary of the students but also polish their skills and make them more confident. Believe me, reading with them offers a wonderful experience. Plan indoor/ outdoor activities with your family- Let your mobiles be left behind for a day and just be with your loved ones. Planning and executing activities with them will make them feel connected with you in an enhanced way.

We have seen during Covid times, how our families became our refuge and shelter when our mental health saw the lowest dip of the era. Hence let’s value our families. The time will fly in the wink of an eye and the superb memories created unknowingly with our dear ones will be cherished by us lifelong.

My sincere request, please live every minute to the fullest, with your loved ones and save yourselves from the negative onslaughts of the waves of time. The positive energy of our beautiful families will indeed treat us to remain stress-free and vibrant. I would like to conclude with this quote, “My children may not have everything they want in life, but they’ll always have a family that loves and accepts them, just the way they are!”

Author: Ms. Harsimran Kaur, PGT, MRIS Ludhiana