Nation First, Always First! YES, INDIANS FIRST!

Nation First, Always First! YES, INDIANS FIRST!

Nation First, Always First! YES, INDIANS FIRST!

Nation First, Always First! YES, INDIANS FIRST!

Nation First, Always First! YES, INDIANS FIRST!

Happy Independence Day, 2023

Let’s be Indians First! We are here to join the patriotic feelings of our hearts with the other members of the Manav Rachna Fraternity. The shackles of challenges cannot shadow or chain our resilience but makes us rise above as a beautiful tricolor of unity in diversity.. Let’s read and sing together the song of oneness with Manav Rachna International School, Sector 21 C, Faridabad, and brave the wind of sudden adversities in the form of earthquakes, droughts, famines, ghastly accidents, infiltration at borders.

Jai Hind. Team MRIS VIBES. 

“I am sure we are all familiar with Steven Covey, the author of 7 Habits. I am a firm believer of his belief that our past conditioning results in our actions and that we must change our habits, and who we are, in order to succeed Hence, resorting to a minor shift in our mindset will result in a transformation to how we approach matters and activities, granting us the gratifying feeling of embracing the prioritization of our nation above all else as an inherent quality!” Seema Anis, Principal, Sector 21 C, Faridabad.


Manav Rachna International School, Sector 21C has always been committed to fostering an environment of growth and development through deep rooted learning and ethical existence.

Our education system is a blend of national and international curricula laying huge emphasis on our founder visionary’s dream of creating ’Good Humans’.  And a good human is s/he who begins charity at home; therefore, the approach at school has always been that of enabling students to adopt baby steps in order for those steps to be sustainable. And every time these baby steps have resulted in the students dreaming big, working hard, and achieving heights!

Patriotism, in my understanding, is the desire to contribute to the weaving of the ethnic fabric of our country that has given us our primary identity, which we proudly flaunt. And it is so simple. We do not need to sit and plan and then execute. All that is required of us is to change our glasses and perspective. We keep monkeying the West; let’s for a few days, try to stop that and start getting inspired by that one common trait of theirs, which is respecting and safeguarding their country’s dignity, acknowledging the privileges and opportunities that it provides and also helping in sustaining the resources it has. These few days of making this our priority will make us fall in love with the habit of keeping our country before anything and everything else, making the country’s welfare a vested interest and its advancements our own goals. This beautiful thought process is so contagious that it’ll go from us to our families and then our friends and acquaintances; thus spreading its wings to the glorious future of our nation!

Let’s pledge as individuals, on this special day of independence, the 15th of August, to contribute elaborately through baby steps, in our own puny little capacity, taking our country to unfathomable heights.

As a school, we are blessed to have this chance of guiding the student community of today who will make the society tomorrow. Our contributions could be endless, but we could start with being mindful while using our natural resources like water, electricity, and food. We could simultaneously give thoughtfulness a sincere try. Stepping towards uplifting the economically challenged people around us by magnanimously sharing clothes, toys, and stationery that we no longer use and are still usable or even by setting aside a fraction of our pocket money to buy gifts for the children of our house-helps. This, keeping the country first in our day-to-day living, will lead to a win-win situation as it will be no exaggeration if I say: we are just as great as our country is…Jai Hind!

Author: Ms. Seema Anis, Principal, Sector 21 C, Faridabad.