While I was stargazing and merely looking at them for a while, I realized truth and got the inspiration to share this bit. The saying is true, ‘Even Stars need Darkness to Shine’. It really hit me today as I stared at the stars and realized that the worth or value of a person that isn’t defined by their potential to glow or what they do but by how they can come out and shine at the right time.

It’s ultimate!  It is imperative to remember that- ‘We are all stars and we all shine; but the ones who shine the brightest are the ones who are surrounded by the darkness or emerge from the dark and aren’t overlooked.’ – This conveys the message that we all are unique and have our own charm and how we shine doesn’t define us but how well we are able to show our best aspects at the right time.

Even though if there’s too much light around a person or as the saying goes ‘sugar, spice and everything nice’, it doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t shine! We just need to keep up our zeal even in the darkest times, when there’s no hope, to be the one who shines the brightest… which also references to the song ‘Apna Time Aayega’ and that person, that star will shine when the time comes.

Similarly, the stars which we observe in the night sky all shine. The stars which shine really bright are the ones emerging from the darkness, lighting its own path to us. The ones which cross paths with the moon do shine but are masked by the moon’s glow, but that doesn’t mean that those stars are not there. No! It doesn’t matter because what matters is that the star is present, is unique…

So this is a message to all those who still glow and bloom but cannot be looked upon will have their time, because you are there, present and that’s all that matters because at the right time when there’s no light, if you perceive it in the right way… (like an opening to a new world) you will shine, you will be looked up to and will receive that brightness and happiness which life has to give you, but in a fun way!

Also thinking about this while observing the night sky shows me that every heavenly body and the smallest of bodies/creatures have their own worth but they get to showcase it in the darkest of times or the right time. This makes the experience so aesthetic, beautiful and amazing that it makes it like an ultimate law….

Written by:- Divenaa Madan, Grade- IX Pascal, MRIS-46, Gurugram