Happy New Year 2023 Readers from the Manav Rachna Educational Institutions’ Fraternity! May You All Keep Surging Towards Quest of Knowledge Perennially! May all Your Dreams be Fulfilled!

Let us read in this blog post about the importance of mentors in our lives. 

A mentor stands by you in all your ups-downs and helps in your personal and professional growth. The mentor blossoms when his or her mentee blooms! Mentors help their mentees to make better decisions in life, set new goals, overcome challenging situations, and build new perspectives. As a mentee, your mentor will bring into account their experiences of life to give you guidance on your future. Rather than learning through trial and error, you can look up to your mentor for directions. They are the role models who never fail you. A piece of advice-always have a true mentor in life and most importantly, be connected to them throughout your life! They are for ‘keeps’ because they nourish their mentees throughout their lives~ Editor


“Our Concept of Education has to go Beyond Manufacturing COGS for the Economic Engine. Teaching Should Not be a Profession– it Must be a Passion. Only then can Education Move from Imposition of Facts to Exploration of Truth.”

The earliest human beings didn’t need schools to pass along information. They educated youngsters on an individual basis within the family unit. Over time, however, population grew and societies formed.

Rather than every family being individually responsible for education, people soon figured out that it would be easier and more efficient to have a small group of adults teach a larger group of children. In this way, the concept of the school was born, setting forth a vision for a system of professional teachers who would teach students in an organized curriculum of basic content and to help students to acquire knowledge, competence, or virtue.

One might wonder how hard being a teacher is? think of yourself as a person swamped all the times, sparing family hours for professional work, taking work stations home and diving into it endlessly. Above all, being self-motivator even in challenging times, endless paperwork and extending work hours. Exhausting right?

Teaching is a phenomenal career; it’s gratifying to make a difference in the youth. Here in Manav Rachna School, Ludhiana, we take teaching as a work of life that comes with heaps of challenges that many aren’t conscious of. Teachers are arguably the most important members of our community.

Every teacher in MRIS, Ludhiana is a jack of all trades, a reliable resource house, demonstrator, mentor, morale booster, creative thinker, and on and on. The prime character of our educators is to regulate the intrinsic behaviour of a child and mould it to be better than yesterday.

An educator’s role in Manav Rachna International School is to aid the development of his or her student’s personalities and we always strive for future aspect with a mind-set to inculcate  self-development skills and social development traits in our learners in order to target success with a leading perspective. Talking about the young kids on the block that tend to look up to them and take their opinion of truth. A distinguished and a compassionate teacher, serves as a role model and an advocate for every child whom he/she encounters. Educators heighten the confidence and change the mind set from, ‘I know I will not succeed’ to ‘I am succeeding’.

Once I had a regular conversation with one of my students regarding her perspective about her school teachers and how they feel being around them?

Though I was a bit reluctant to put forth the same question but somehow my confidence was supported  by the firm answer of a child who said that my  teachers make a difference in the staging of my life by being sensitive to my  situational needs and helping me to overcome my failings and flaws. They are the cornerstones of modern-day civilisation. They make me see what self-possession, a firm hand, composure and a successful outcome looks like. A teacher is not simply an information giver, he or she goes beyond it. She links her teachings with the ultimate values of life. When left without guidance of a teacher, one would become reluctant to do anything related to actual learning or education. A world without teachers would be like a pen without ink, it would be deprived of learning and that too with a lesser fraction of affection just because a teacher helps to see oneself more. I am grateful to teachers’ existence, owing to the fact that without them the world would be empty as a pauper’s purse.

“A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils.”- Ever Garrison

Once in the class Sachin of grade XII got up and added, “Hey guys! the guidance by Ms. Diljit once helped me to overcome my stage fear and helped me to host farewell for my seniors with zest and I earned numerous applauses”

My motive to state such minute observation by our children is to enlighten the readers of how even a sentence of warm guidance helps children to build the strongest faiths and beliefs for their life. Teachers give children a purpose, set them up for success as citizens of our world, inspire in them a drive to do well and succeed in life. Students are like soft clay who are waiting to be shaped to the perfection. Children carry what they are taught at a young age throughout the rest of their lives. They will use what they have learned to influence society. Everyone knows that today’s youth will become tomorrow’s leaders, and teachers have access to educate the youth in their most impressionable years.

Teachers are one of the main pillars of a sound and progressive society. They bear the weight and responsibility of teaching, and, apart from parents, are the main source of knowledge and values for children. In Dr. Radhakrishnan’s opinion, “Teachers are the best minds in the country”.

“A great teacher is one that can positively influence the people around him to become better. Great teachers help us dream bigger, and play an active role in our learning of knowledge” stated by Khushi Surana of Grade X in her gratitude card for her favourite teacher as she always stood by her during the preparation of Annual Day to host the show. The anecdote goes in such a way:

Khushi “Harsimran Ma’am! Please select another suitable child and I would suggest you a better one!”

Me: “Khushi! What is the true meaning of your name”?

Khushi: “Ma’am! Spreading smiles!”

Me: “Then let the world smile with you. Hold this script and read aloud with Khushi (happiness) and confidence as I know, you can do it better than anyone else!”

She believed me as if her angel has assured her of her success and she rocked the show with her intelligence and level of hosting. Her morale and confidence escalated as a shooting star and she enhanced her confidence from that platform.

Thus, it is fair to say that our teachers are the ones who make this world a better place. Without them, our society would collapse. There would be no doctors to mend the sick. There would be no engineers to build infrastructure. The flow of electricity wouldn’t be controlled. The internet would just be an idea.

“I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well.”
― Alexander the Great  

Sharing my idea of jotting down this blog with my senior most class, awakens my soul with the fact that how highly indebted our students are to all the efforts their teachers are paying off to escalate their personality along with mind-set.

Jasnoor kaur of Grade XII shared her experience of her struggling period when she was in another school of the city. Comparing the culture and faculty of both the institutions and emboldening the fact of MRIS paying extra care, she exclaimed, “I am proud of being a part of this Brand, MRIS as I am able to be in my real skin comfortably, owing to the co-operation and constant support of all the educators here making it the best school of the city undoubtedly. When I think of my teachers, I feel indebted to the grand level of wisdom they imparted to me along with a dedicated zeal to conquer the world. I always knew that I had talent but what I never knew was the way to bring it out and polish it as I have always been a passive performer and I always prefer to be in the cozy cocoon of my life. But the assortment of opportunities given by my teachers raised my zeal and will to do really well and now I hardly know the word- SHY and NO.  The teachers of MRIS have taught me how to welcome all favourable opportunities of my life and also to grab one!” She further continued, “My journey from being a passive worker to an active one is just because of the never ending potential of my teachers who taught me so well and have always shot/ helped to escalate  my self-confidence”.

At this moment, my eyes and heart brimmed with love and gratitude for that child who had just acknowledged the toil and hard work of the teachers.  The realisation of the fact that we are eternally working for them, left me speechless and all students applauded for her.

With this, I am reminded of one such motivational move as narrated by Mehtab Sekhon who never failed to be a notorious element. But just at that slight creek of being naughty, he has always striven onto the path of seeking endless knowledge by being the baton holder of leadership. This charge is ignited by the backup of a strong and a determined Head- the Principal of MRIS, Ludhiana, Ms. Anju Dhawan- the lady of words brimming with wisdom, who always ensured that Mehtab is doing right and heading towards the goal.

She has always inspired him with the facts of being a true student. Very wisely did she understand the reasons and causes of his weaknesses and she worked on his psychic needs by regular counselling and training sessions with the guidance of the school counsellor. Never did she fail in any of her attempts, proving a true mentor and Guide. Diving deep into his circumstances, she observed that he is just an attention seeker and dealt with him in such an executive way satisfying his esteem, consequently leading to a much behaved manner throughout the lectures. He himself felt the change in his personality as became more open to the advices and ideas by his teachers bringing forth a positive aspect of learning.  He supported his situation with the help of a saying, “Teacher is one such element in the life of a child who sieves the flaws and works on his/her purification.”

At Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana, teachers are not only working on the academic upliftment of a child but are concerned about the holistic development and skills acquired by the students for a substantial future aspect, strengthening a student-teacher bond. To sum up, “A great teacher is not only a tool for survival but also for enhancing perception with an agenda of making the budding flower blossom into great human beings.”

Author: Ms. Harsimran Kaur, PGT – English, MRIS Ludhiana