And, you thought, you had arrived. Life doesn’t happen the way we deem it to be. Just yesterday, you were cocooned in your success, sheltered from the dreary storms with languid denunciation at your behest. Never, has the world waited upon anyone- as if, couching like a pet waiting for some whimsical banter. Whatever made you feel that the Universe will take care of itself and not bother you despite your aloofness and proclamation of superiority; when you were never more than a tiny grain in the multitude of boulders, rocks and pebbles?
And, you thought you were content. Your ideas were recognized and ordained with puerile idiosyncrasies of onlookers. You never looked beyond that cubicle in your office, with a competent world looming larger than any environmental concern. You planned out strategies, eased your way through eye-catching presentations, boarded the metro home and slumbered into a profound and enchanted world of your own making.
And….and, you thought you had all the answers right there. The unobtrusive hurdles were long overcome and profanity seeped into your system. Your logic and reasoning could not be questioned by the most pensive and ruminative belief systems. You looked on and you looked away – from all that spelled trouble, because, in your inception, you ruled the world.
And you thought you had tied the mast well. That your ship sailed in all its majesty through unchartered waters and you could change direction anytime. After all, for years and years, you have been at the helm, steering the keel through significant upheavals.

And you thought, you deserved, deserved it all.
That the sky was yours to behold,
That every rainbow borrowed your hues
That every star took turns to see-
If it is your reflection, that transformed their marquee
And you thought the quest was done,
And met with equal perchance.
That destiny was this,
That the channeled hum underneath your feet
Was merely a hum…
While your elated heart beat like a drum.
You thought you could stand by
And let the masquerade pass you by…
Till you were the master again.
This time the charade has stopped
Stopped at your threshold…
Questioning eyes,
Debilitating murmurs,
Of what has been…
And what could be.
Oh! That you could only see
That you did nothing…
When they took away
All that was meant to be.
You were wrapped in astonishing self-proclaimed glee…
Now they come for you
With none left behind.
The charade at your threshold-
Stops and questions-
‘Would you please not mind?
And tell us, what you did, all this while….
You see, our records hold no proof;
-That you existed; we were never told….
Could you now start afresh;
Take a new birth,
And join the parole?

Written By:- Ms. Shalini Choithwani, MRIS-14 Faridabad