Essential Vitamin “N” of Parenting

Raising children is one of the toughest and the most fulfilling job in the world- and the one for which you feel the least prepared. Today’s dynamic lifestyle has made this task even more confusing. Each generation has its own style of parenting. Today’s children are technology driven and have a lot of desirable/ undesirable information on their finger tips.

As a counselor, I have observed that children are extremely happy coming to School as they not only get education but also the School acts as an outlet for their expressions and emotions. In teachers they find proxy- parents and in friends, well wishers. Parents not only shower unconditional love but also they fulfill all the materialistic demands by providing, providing and providing. Whatever the child wants is provided as both parents are busy with career, professional commitments and demands. This overindulgence leads to the attainment of level of affluence without working, sacrificing and doing their best. All their demands are fulfilled by winning, demanding and manipulating. Easy receiving of things generate nothing but the want for more. Due to this overindulgence we are teaching our children that they get something/ everything for nothing. Moreover, they do not value what they already have as they experience that more is always on the way. Children raised in this inappropriate manner are not able to adjust themselves with family and friends.

Overdose of material and electronics is making them suffer from Vitamin N deficiency i.e. word ‘NO’. It is an essential vitamin of parenting, which you probably have never heard off. Give your child all they need but give them only 25% of what they want. This is called the principle of ‘Benign Deprivation’, along with a steady dose of Vitamin ‘N’. They deserve to value constructive and creative efforts. They need to learn that work is the only fulfilling way of getting anything in life. The harder they work, the more fulfilling the outcome is.

So, dear parents give unconditional love, affection, perfection and direction along with a steady dose of Vitamin ‘N’ and your quality time to your child and watch him/her grow well.

​Ms. Promila Anjali Mehta


Sector-46, Gurugram

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