Commerce vs Science- Which stream is good to choose?

Science vs Commerce

Commerce vs Science- Which stream is good to choose?

Commerce vs Science- Which stream is good to choose?

Commerce vs Science- Which stream is good to choose?

Commerce vs Science- Which stream is good to choose?

An age-old dilemma, and a persistent question; science or commerce? The moment a student finds out the evident choice to be made, they start weighing the pros and cons of both. Before making any decision, one must realise that their choice will pave the path for their career, which is bound to be different for each individual. Therefore, the argument of one stream being better than the other is moot.

Confused Between Science and Commerce?

Take the Baby Steps

The first step towards determining the answer will be a little research into these options. Apart from the language subjects, the curriculum diverges into two opposite directions. Where science will answer the ontological inquiry, commerce is the art of creating and controlling markets, profits, companies, etc. In today’s market ecosystem, entrepreneurship is within the reach of dreamers and quite sought after.

Think of a Career you want to Pursue

Once one figures out their ‘inclinations’, the next step is to narrow down career options which seem attractive and remunerative. But most importantly, whichever will bring the opportunity of maximum self-growth. At such a young age, concepts like self-growth might seem weighty and to some extent, incomprehensible. That’s why the next step should be to talk to a senior. A senior from the school, family, or a mentor who can objectively lay down the facts. Conversations and counselling are two best friends of any ambitiously inquisitive mind.

Commerce vs Science: Weighing options

Science promises to give options galore. An in-depth separate curriculum for physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics as an option, promises one to launch a career into many traditional and unconventional professions. Engineering and medical being the traditional options have been quite popular among the students. However, STEM is taking the market by storm, as there are more lucrative and broader academics as well as career options available. Research is another attractive domain for the students dreaming to become scientists one day.
On the other side of the shore, accountancy, business studies, and economics are uncharted territories for a student in grade 11 and promise an exciting journey ahead. All the subjects in commerce are new to the kids and promise a fresh start in the academics for the curious minds. There are a plethora of career options to choose from for commerce students from the conservative Chartered Accountancy, business management, banking; we also have Economist, stockbroking, company secretary, financial planner, cost and management accountant, etc.

Commerce vs Science: And the winner is…

Science as a subject is much diverse and offers an opportunity to experiment, research, and innovate. It develops analytical thinking and offers multiple perspectives- with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, the options are limitless.
Commerce, as mentioned above, is new territory and keeps the person in contact with reality. One learns how the economy works from the grass-roots level, and provides an opportunity to become an active contributor to the country’s economy.
Largely, it is a question of creating vs controlling, and the answer lies in the ‘interest’ of a student. As a growing student, one must not forget to dabble in their interests, rather than determining just the usefulness of a stream. Unless there is a ‘will’ to seek knowledge, pursuing a discipline out of its sheer utility is futile. So, we must look at the commerce vs science battle more as a ‘choice’ because any stream is as good as one’s interest in it.


Written By:- Ms. Akansha Sharma, PRT, MRIS-51, Gurugram