The CBSE BOARD EXAMINATION season is on and with it stories of anxiety, apprehension and turmoil are becoming rampant. The faculty members of Manav Rachna International Schools feel that Examination is just another phase in our lives and we should welcome it happily, with determination. God has blessed each one of us with different kinds of abilities but we should try and put forth our best. For this we have #CBSEXAMTipsTricks Series to help out the students appearing for CBSE Board Examination, 2022-23. Here are some important tips and tricks for 12th Grade Biology papers.~ Editor


With the Final Board Examination around the corner, it is important that students strategize their studies to excel in their exams. Among all the subjects in Science, Biology- Subject Code (12th) 044, is believed to be a high-scoring subject. But it requires a smart and systematic preparation strategy to help the students achieve good grades in the board exam. They need to revise and study whatever they have learnt throughout the year.

  • For this, first is to prepare a timetable so that they can divide time properly for various subjects.
  • Secondly, to prepare effectively for the examination, students must identify a quiet corner of the home to study in peace and prepare comprehensively for it.
  • Students must ensure that they are away from any electronic gadget, be it television or mobile phones as they start their preparations for the upcoming examination.
  • There is little chance of questions coming beyond the prescribed textbooks, so students must ensure that they are well versed with each concept and topic in their textbook.
  • Get Acquainted with the Biology Exam Pattern. The Biology class 12 question paper is divided into 5 sections A, B, C, D and E.
  • Section–A has 16 questions of 1 mark each;
  • Section–B has 5 questions of 2 marks each;
  • Section– C has 7 questions of 3 marks each;
  • Section– D has 2 case-based questions of 4 marks each;
  • Section–E has 3 questions of 5 marks each.


     Name of Unit VSA (1)


Reason and Assertion

SAI (2) SAII (3) CBQ/

Based (4)

LA (5   ) TOTAL
      REPRODUCTION 3 1 2 _ 1 16
GENETICS &           EVOLUTION 3 1 2 1 1 20


5 1 1 _ _ 10









5*2=10 7*3=21 2*4=8 3*5=15 70(33QUES)
  • No Choice in One Mark questions.
  • One Internal choice in two marks and three-marks questions.
  • No overall choice in case-based questions. Choice is to be given in one subpart only.
  • Internal Choice in all three questions of five marks

Here are few tips for Biology Board Exam Preparation:

  • Complete the Basics and Stick to the Syllabus. Understand and Focus on Syllabus.
  • The primary step in preparing a study plan is thoroughly reviewing the syllabus. Just focus on one book (NCERT) to get good marks. Read and write daily. Do not forget to memorize the diagrams and tables. It will enhance your probability of getting full marks.
  • Try to understand all concepts…especially GENETICS as it is much clear from the blueprint that Unit II carries maximum weightage without understanding you will not be able to solve questions. Practice Pedigree questions. Case study-based questions are expected from genetics so the students need to practice them as well.
  • Ecology is the most important unit. It will help you in getting maximum scores.
  • Since 50% of the paper is objective which is based on deep understanding of the concept so only memorization will not serve the purpose.
  • First do easy chapters, so your confidence increases
  • Make short notes, it helps a lot in bio. Have a weekly revision and a written test of the subjects studied during the weekdays.
  • Practicing sample papers/previous year papers is crucial to understand the pattern, self-assessment, and identifying weak areas
  • Students must avoid listening to music, watching television, text messaging or surfing the Internet while studying to avoid distractions.
  • Write neatly and draw the diagrams using a sharpened pencil
  • Underline important keywords and phrases in the answer.
  • Try to start new sections from a new page.
    Biology is a theoretical subject; it can be exhausting as it encompasses theory, practical, formulas, equations, and various terminologies. Students need to take ample short breaks while studying to stay focused and fresh. These CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) Class 12 Biology preparation tips 2023 need to be included in the timetable. Students might get frustrated if they study for a long time continuously. Remember to follow some entertaining/creative work for a small amount of time, exercise and eat healthy food.

The final days leading up to the Board Exam should be focused mostly on revision. All crucial topics are remembered by continuous revision, and one may remember the concepts throughout the exam. So, now is the time to thoroughly review the chapters and diagrams. It is also a promising idea to pay extra attention to the concepts that carry more weightage.

With these tips in mind, I would like to wish all my students All the Best for their upcoming Board Exams.

Author: Ms. Neeru Dehra, PGT, Biology, MRIS 14, Faridabad