CBSE Success Guide: Balancing Emotions!

CBSE Success Guide: Balancing Emotions!

CBSE Success Guide: Balancing Emotions!

CBSE Success Guide: Balancing Emotions!

CBSE Success Guide: Balancing Emotions!

The Role of Counseling in CBSE Exam Preparation: A Comprehensive Guide

Manav Rachna International School Charmwood, the top school in India, believes that a teacher’s role isn’t only limited to teaching, it also upholds the role of guidance and provides counseling to their students to achieve the best of their capabilities.

The phrase ‘Sky’s the limit’ is conventional to all; however, what if going beyond the limit is the new establishment? Such are the capabilities that could be evoked under unmitigated counseling, according to every child’s unique aura and presence. We have a front-row seat to witness the challenges students face during their exam preparation, and our insights can be invaluable in the counseling process. A student’s overall achievement, emotional health, and academic performance can all be significantly influenced by effective counseling.

Therefore, an acute model of the protocol is appointed at our campus to allow foremost direction during CBSE examinations. This gives Manav Rachna International School, the best cbse-affiliated school, an edge over other campuses. These examinations are significant turning points throughout Indian students’ academic careers. There can be an abundance of pressure on learners to do well on these tests, and to overcome the obstacles, they frequently discover that they need assistance.

A similar metaphor is annotated and recognized in the book ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ (1998) by Dr.Spencer Johnson, which allows the reader to recognize the role of adaptability and stress management. This book was recently read by me and would like to share the insight with all readers. Just as the characters in the maze had to adapt to the shifting location of their cheese, students preparing for CBSE exams must also be prepared for unexpected changes in the syllabus, question patterns, or personal circumstances. The book emphasizes on accepting change and letting go of fear to find new opportunities. Similarly, in the context of CBSE exam preparation, counseling plays a crucial role in helping students navigate through these changes, manage stress, and optimize their study strategies for success. It reinforces the idea that counseling can provide the necessary guidance and support for students as they prepare for these exams.

Henceforth, proper counseling adjourns to varied mechanisms, ranging from providing:

Academic Guidance:

  • Subject Selection: One of the crucial aspects of CBSE exam preparation for students of Top Schools in Faridabad is selecting the right subjects. Counselors can assist students in selecting courses that complement their hobbies, strong points, and desired careers.
  • Study Plans: Creating personalized study programs adhering to every child’s unique perspective or methods of assessments during studies. They can help students manage their time effectively, set realistic goals, and create a structured study routine.
  • Resource Recommendations: Counselors can recommend textbooks, reference materials, and PYQs (Previous Year Questions) that are essential for CBSE exam preparation.

Emotional Support:

  • Stress Management: CBSE exams can be stressful. Counselors from the best international schools in India help students cope with stress by teaching them time management.
  • Building Confidence: Counselors assist students in developing their self-confidence. They can offer inspiration and affirmation.
  • Handling Exam Anxiety: Anxiety related to exams affects a lot of students. Counselors can assist kids in recognizing and managing their anxiety, which will enhance their performance in general.
  • Tracking Progress: Counselors can help students track their progress and make necessary adjustments to their study plans and goals.

Career Counseling:

  • Post-Exam Planning: CBSE exams often play a pivotal role in career decisions. Counselors are there to stand by our students in their times of distress,

Support from Parents:

  • Support from Parents: Parental Communication holds a lot of importance and the school should be in touch with parents to see that they are there for their wards.

Special Needs and Accommodations:

  • Identifying Special Needs: Counselors in the good schools in India can identify students with special needs or learning disabilities and recommend appropriate accommodations or resources.

Crisis Intervention:

  • Support during Crisis: In cases of personal crises or emergencies, counselors can provide immediate emotional support and help students navigate the situation without jeopardizing their academic progress.

Motivation and Goal Setting:

  • Setting Realistic Goals: Counselors can assist students in setting achievable academic goals

However, to achieve the maximum level of progress and capability, it requires the collaborative effort of the teachers, the students, the parents, and the CBSE council. This preparation for success allows the initiation of realistic expectations.

From the viewpoint of the teacher, counseling is not just about teaching academic content; it’s also about providing students with emotional support so that they embrace the change like Scurry and put into quick action, assisting them in creating efficient study plans and showing a high degree of awareness and giving them the self-assurance, they need to ace CBSE examinations. So, let us  make the journey enjoyable for a student who is ready to adapt to the change graciously.

AUTHOR: Ms. Ruchi Krishnatray, PGT Biology/Academic Coordinator (Middle Wing), MRIS Charmwood, Faridabad