“The Golden Rule of Parenting is do unto your children as you wish your parents had done unto you!” Louise Hart

Exams can bring about immense stress for students, but with the right support from the schools in India and parents, they can navigate this challenging period more effectively. In this blog post, we’ll explore practical and nurturing ways parents can help their children manage and alleviate exam stress, while also examining how educational institutions like Manav Rachna International School (MRIS), Sector-46, Gurugram implement supportive strategies to aid students in coping with academic pressures effectively.

MRIS, Sector 46, Gurugram is amongst the Best Schools in Gurugram. The school firmly believes that the growth and development of a child is a harmonized effort of the school, parents, and the community at large. The school alone cannot span the gap between reality and the expectation of the youth- third party help comes involuntary and spontaneously.

The responsibility of bringing-up sane human beings doubles when the children are under the examination stress. Parenting becomes a multidimensional task during the time of examination and assessment. The school leads in the role of imparting a balanced curriculum and diverse opportunities to students as well as their parents to remain placid during the trying times of assessments.

The school focuses primarily on the varied needs of students and expects that the parents must develop both depth and breadth of knowing their ward. These areas range from being aware of developmental milestones and norms that help in keeping children stress-free. This blog describes the diverse areas of knowledge, as well as ways to identify a variety of available methods to achieve the desired learning goals. The school shoulders this responsibility of coordinating with the parents, who are vital stakeholders in developing the future of our nation.

MRIS 46, the top international school in Gurugram has not only been credited with the high academic achievers but also the future citizens who take the responsibility of building a stronger nation in the years to come. It has been observed that parents usually tussle between the household responsibilities and work commitments. Children’s exam periods may add fuel to the already ignited home environment. The efforts of tutoring children, and keeping track of their wellness may take a toll on the parents’ personal health. Manav Rachna International School believes in the strategy that proves to be wonderous in making the parents as well as the students be alleviated of stress during assessment days.

The technique of DO-UR-BEST is extraordinarily beneficial for the role of parents who can alleviate stress in the times of examination.

D- Develop a Rapport with your Child:

It has been seen that parents who spend quality time with their children set an everlasting impression on the young minds. It is this impression of the parents that marks their confidence and energy in the tough times. The students who find themselves burdened during the examination days must pour their heart out in front of the parents and the teachers so that the requisite help and strategy is adopted to make the child stress-free during examination and assessment. Parents can devote themselves to one-on-one communication during the examination to encourage and support them.

O- Organize and Strategize:

MRIS is known for its well strategized teaching-learning framework across all Grades. It is important that parents too can help in devising an organized revision schedule for the children. It will boost their learning capacity and reduce wastage of time. To make a balanced framework for children is like showing them a road map to reach their destination. By doing so parents will unknowingly teach the children to be better at planning and gradually they will be on the path of self-reliance. There is evidence that children who start planning for themselves at an early age become better executors in the years to come.

U- Unlearn and Relearn Technique:

The art to learn, unlearn and relearn is practiced at Manav Rachna from the Elementary years. With the passage of time parents also have become aware that there are certain techniques which need redressal and others need to be condemned. To synchronize learning at school and at home parents can keep a constant check on concept building and behavioral changes in the children. For the learners each stage of physical growth has its own charms and challenges. It comes naturally for the young minds to adopt different means and ways of learning as they grow in life. There is always a dire need for change in the path of progress and sustainability. The untrodden trail in the lives of each learner starts taking a shape from the school years.

R- Reduce Distractions:

We all come to the consensus that the world of students is full of distractions. At MRIS- 46 parents are constantly informed and guided about the intricacies of the students’ behavior so that the hold on distractions can be easily regulated by the parents. It is also believed that self-discipline is the best discipline and goes a long way for everyone. Stressing on self-discipline in the school environment leads to its habit formation with each passing year. The trend of technology is unavoidable and highly influential for all but constant check and supervision by the parents can be highly beneficial. Some parents also adopt the technique of regulating the screen time for their children. Monitoring the screen hours, screen history, and limiting the Web access for the children are some of the ways to keep things in order. No matter how honest the enthusiastic mind is but still the supervision of the More Knowledgeable Other (MKO) is expected. This would help the children to be more focused and channelised in the required direction.

B- Balance is the Core of Success:

It has been observed that many students become self-aware and responsible in High School years. Yet as parents and teachers we must keep reminding them to balance various fields like- academics, sports, extra-curricular activities, entertainment, screen time, sleep, and last but the most important one is the balanced diet in teenagers. All these balanced factors will help them to evolve from the examination stress.  We grow according to what we  eat so the diet plan during the examination days must balance calories and supplement vital nutrients for the children. Excess or lack of diet during the examination time can play havoc with the minds of the stressed-out children. Parents can be observant about the sleep pattern of the children as they tend to be insomniac due to the long study hours and continued pressure to perform well in the examination. Regulating the sleep pattern would definitely help them to empower their learning capacity.

E- Enormous and Unconditional Support:

No matter how deep and dark the path is, if parents and school provide consistent and unconditional support to the children then they bloom and fill the world with their success stories., ‘It takes a village to raise a child’- this famous proverb means that a child is the responsibility of the entire community of people and must provide a positive interactive environment for children so that they experience and grow in a safe and healthy ambiance. Parents need to be appreciative of the little steps taken by the keen learners and explorers. As mentors we are expected to be more compassionate especially when the children are under stressful situations.

S- Slow and Steady Wins the race:

As parents it should be understood that ‘Rome was not built in a day’, so we need to give ample time and opportunities to our children and not be expecting the results too soon. All individuals are unique and are earmarked for one or the other talent in life. Hence parents can give a lot of free-hand to the budding geniuses in order to let them find their most passionate destination. Parents can prove to be the biggest block-builders for children in their formative years.

T- Train the Body, Mind, and Soul:

Examination and assessment is not only marks centered according to the adoption of NEP 2020 by the Central Board of Secondary Education, but it also let the children master the art to destress themselves in those difficult times. Examination teaches us to be disciplined, tactful and the most crucial of all is the training of one’s body, mind, and soul to accept the challenge and courageously be the winner. The students who are backed by their parents in this acceptance out-shine others and feel on the ninth cloud in their successful years.

There is utmost need to accept that examination is just a part of life and not life itself. As parents the urgency to destress yourself should be the priority. The calm mind is capable of spreading peace, love and happiness. We are all aware that acceptance of our mistakes and failures ultimately gives rise to reaching new heights and soaring the bold skies. The desired aim of examination is not to create stress but to trace progress, growth and build confidence in the modern generation. Parents along with the school share this responsibility of de-stressing the children during examination and provide for a conducive environment.