CBSE Exam Elixir: The Right Parenting!

 CBSE Exam Elixir: The Right Parenting!

 CBSE Exam Elixir: The Right Parenting!

 CBSE Exam Elixir: The Right Parenting!

 CBSE Exam Elixir: The Right Parenting!


                  Support Your Child through CBSE Board Exams

Welcome to the blog on Parental Counseling, a blog curated to assist all and sundry to become the best version of parents. Parenting is providing to a child—to build self-esteem, self-worth and an incredible venture filled with both joys and hardships.

When it comes to encouraging our children through CBSE Board Exams, it is our topmost priority to understand the very term Parental Counseling. Parental counseling is an exceptional form of therapy that can make an important difference in your parenting voyage. It is all about offering assistance, guidance, and resources to support parent’s manoeuver the ramifications of nurturing children. Through our blog, we will explore the world of parental counseling, its advantages and how it can be a breakthrough for your family.

It is one such phase that is different and at times parents’ anxieties can have serious drawbacks on their children. Therefore, every guardian must showcase unwavering motivation towards their children as any sort of criticism will have serious repercussions on a child’s mental health. The role of parents in a child’s exam preparation is extremely crucial.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), parenting includes important objectives, such as to cultivate self-confidence, health and safety necessary motivation, guidance and preparing children for life. Parents should not set impossible targets and limit their journey only to academics. Parents must realize that every child has individual levels of attainment and are unique- success is not always determined by scholastic scores and becoming a topper in class.

Strong Parent-Child Relationships:

Manav Rachna International Schools provide pragmatic suggestions and strategies to help you connect with your children on a deeper level during the phase of the Board Exam. These insights can lead to happier, more fulfilling family dynamics.

Ensure that the child sleeps properly and takes a healthy diet. Do not bring sudden changes in their schedule.

Joyful learning and holistic growth has always been placed at the forefront by The Central Board of Secondary Education that has furthered methods and operations propelling this goal. Holistic development, in effect, is the interplay and alignment of mental, physical and psychological factors.  Parents’ efforts and support- both are equally necessary for the emotional and physical growth of the child.

Manav Rachna School, Noida has always played a pivotal role in the lives of students appearing for board exams by engaging them in multifarious preparation beforehand. So that the child does not enter into anxiety at the last moment.

Parents can assist their children by asking them to create a study timetable. Small rewards can always be given when they achieve targets. As a parent, you can offer a helping hand to construct a productive agenda for their days and weeks to assist them properly utilize their time.

Adolescents face varied life challenges at an academic level and at home, such as disliking a teacher or subject, braving bullies or family discords, tests, examinations. It is essential to identify, talk and seek professional help, if required.

MRIS Noida counseling cell works wonders by guiding students to understand their approach to prepare for board exams. We look forward to have a healthy lifestyle with healthy parenting!

Healthy Consumption: Persistently equilibrating food preferences is efficient. Fast food provides more fat, salt and calories than nutritious food. Replace chips with an apple. Breakfast is important. Youngsters who skip breakfast may have difficulties focusing. Add roughage to their diet. Dalia, fruits, corn, etc., will help prevent stomach discomfort and they will feel lighter. Parents should instill good eating tendencies citing their own example.

Good sleep: Insomnia (the incapability to fall or stay in slumber) can be caused by stress and anxiety due to some problem disturbing the child. The parents must notice these changes in patterns and secure timely help.

As parents, we must monitor the progress of our children and also help them in creating self help aids to realize their weak areas. This can be done through flash cards, oral tests. Parents must remove distractions coming in the way of their child’s study schedule.

Parenting is indeed a tough task. Everyday, new kinds of pressures are springing up. To ensure that their children are growing up as healthy, responsible and well-balanced homo-sapiens, prepared to face reality, parents are always walking on the edges.

The objective of parental counseling in educational institutions like Manav Rachna, the best CBSE Schools  typically includes: Nurturing Your Child. Follow the Golden Ratio of 5:1. State five positive affirmative things before you say one damaging thing to your child. Do not nag or say harsh things that may hurt your child’s self-esteem.

Comprehend your ward’s singularity. Every child is unique. By embracing ‘who they are’, you instill a sense of dignity and sureness in your ward.

Your Child Is Not a Social Trophy Parents tend to show-off their child’s academic or co-curricular achievements before family and friends. Do not do this. It is harmful as your child will feel overburdened with expectations.

Make Your Child Feel Secure: Your stress has an adverse long-term effect on your child. Manage financial and emotional stress in your life effectively. Remember, children with a strong sense of security perform better in school and have a healthier adulthood.

Never Say “NO” to Spending Time: Your children want to share their lives with you, so spend quality time with them. Inquire about their day, speak together in unison.

The above mentioned points should prove as life saviour to the parents. Kindly adhere and light the lamp of empathy…

Author: Ms. Vaishnavi Arora, PGT English, MRIS NOIDA