Manav Rachna International School today organized ‘Paragon Assembly’ a cultural event presented by students from Class KG to Class V. Students showcased Renaissance Era at MRIS – Noida as the students performed on the day.

Everyone has dreams, somebody has small dreams someone has big dreams. Paragon again came to tell the parents as how people made their dream come true. Students explored the Italian renaissance and made the thinkers and artist of the renaissance their friends through Paragon.

Paragon has taken the students through the period where people lived their dreams and sacrificed themselves for those dreams.

Students presented their learning in front of their parents.

KG students showcased different fabrics of Renaissance Era and brought the parents into that Era. Parents were elated and felt proud of them.

Grade 2 depicted South American Culture and life styles of Inca people, clothing, food habits and the source of entertainment.

Grade 3 took the parents on a voyage where they met Christopher Columbus and met the Sailors and explorers of that time. Parents were spellbound to listen to the sailor’s song.

Grade 4 explored the great thinkers of Renaissance period and they gave their parents an opportunity to meet some of them like Galileo, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Lavinia Fontana, Copernicus etc. They presented the Galliard dance gracefully which was even practiced by Queen Elizabeth I during the era. They felt proud showcasing Italy and mesmerized the parents with grace and presentation.

Grade 5 students spoke about European culture and showcased the reformation during Renaissance period. They discussed the facts leading to the split the Roman Catholic Church. They also showcased the different kinds of rocks.

The parents of Grade nursery were also invited for an orientation session with Lynda, the paragon specialist understand the nuances and the hands on learning that their kids will be experiencing from Grade Nursery onwards. The whole school was immersed in the creative world of PARAGON.