Manav Rachna International School, being a progressive institution is always ready to expand and adapt innovative and holistic ventures that are essential for the growth and development of the young scholars in all areas of learning .Keeping the teachers abreast with the latest knowledge and learning techniques followed globally ,Manav  Rachna International School is has organizing a rigorous 4 days’ workshop for teachers w.e.f 26th Mar,12 to 29th Mar,2012 at Manav Rachna International School ,Eros garden in collaboration with Mosaica Education Paragon Curriculum, USA.

The day 1 began with an interactive session by Dr. O.P. Bhalla, Chairman, MREI wherein he shared his valuable thoughts with the vibrant gathering of more than 260 teachers. Brigadier S.N. Setia, Chairman, ICT threw light on the code of ethics for teachers and expectations from them, very effectively. The teachers enjoyed the vibrant talks given by the honourable Principals, Ms. Dhriti Malhotra, Principal, MRIS, Gurgaon, Ms. Mamta Wadhwa, Principal, MRIS, sec-14 Faridabad and Ms. Sanyogita Sharma, Principal, MRIS, Sec-21C and Eros garden, Faridabad  through which they delivered important tips to be effective teachers . Ms. Sanyogita Sharma heartily welcomed the delegates from Mosaica Education Programme – Ms. Antionette Grove, Ms. Lynda Weaver, Mr. Ahmed Hussain, Ms. Helen Kavanagh, Mr. Raja Ali, Ms. Rita Douglas. All the delegates were delighted to be a part of the workshop and expressed their hope that the venture and working hand in hand with MRIS for the benefits of the future denizens would be a huge success.