When one lives in peace he can also spread the same in the whole world. 2nd October of every year is observed as the International day of Non violence. The day aims to spread the message of non violence around the world and educate the people and this should start from the roots. The students should be made aware about the values of non violence and peace.

The young buds of MRIS, NOIDA spread the importance of non violence and peace as a tribute to our Father of Nation. They presented a song carrying messages of love, faith and truth. If everyone in the world understood and live in peace then the world would be a better place to live. The program was organized by The United Nations Information centre in association with The Archeological Survey of India at the Safdarjung Tomb. Young minds from 22 schools paid tribute to Gandhiji by spreading the message of non violence in the form of dance, songs, drama skit. Secretary of UNIC and head of ASI Mr. Dhirendra Bhatnagar   words of wisdom. They urged the students to pledge that they will be the carriers of peace and non violence and promised to fight against the evils in the society.