“There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.”

“EARTH” is a unique planet in the universe. Despite special features, the planet today is facing serious problems due to various environmental hazards. It goes without saying that each one of us needs to contribute to the best of our capabilities to save our Mother Earth. For the same, MRIS-51 is celebrating “We care” Carnival from 17th April’14 to 22nd April’14. As part of this carnival, following activities will be taken up: Talk on Earth Day, Drawing and Painting Activity, Eco Show-Reduce, Recycle, Refashion…., Planting and adopting a tree in the school vicinity, making “Bird Feeders” and placing them around the school, an Interactive Session with the school bus drivers and conductors to make them aware of the wastage of fuel. On the first day students were sensitized about the importance of saving environment trough a power point presentation. Pupils expressed their views in speeches and agreed to prioritize Earth protection. On second day, drawing activity was held to mark the event, wherein students painted their thoughts on nature conservation. We are also proud to have very alert and sensitive parents. Many of them agreed to come to school and share relevant and important information with our young students. The sessions were interactive and fruitful. We are obliged and thankful to them. Together we can and we will make a change!!