Crest Module – 5

MRIS Noida students showcased yet another learning journey of Module – 5 of Crest with great zeal and enthusiasm. The topic of Grade 1 assembly was Japan. Students displayed Japanese things like pagodas, umbrellas, hand fans and sushi. They sang a melodious song explaining an island. They were dressed up in beautiful Kimonos and showcased Japan extremely well. Students of Grade – II showcased art and culture of Japan. They got familiar with the National Sport of Japan-Sumo, the skills of Martial arts and played some of the traditional Japanese games. They also explored the water colour paintings, Japanese pottery, lacquer work, fans, umbrellas and dolls. They created their own Zen gardens and Ikebana.

Students of Grade – III depicted how and why people from China, Germany and Italy immigrated to America. Students got rich insight into the multi – cultural life style of America. They learnt about the contributions of the Chinese, Italians and Germans to music, arts, sports, languages and cuisine of America. They sang a song praising America.

Grade- IV students explored the United States of America during the 1860s, one of the most challenging times in that country’s history. They saw the progress of the courageous abolitionists who worked tirelessly to bring an end to slavery in the USA. Their melodious song left everybody spellbound. The students of Grade – V travelled back to 1788 – the eve of the French Revolution. They learnt how the prolonged state of unrest in France led to the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, who many initially saw as a great hero and liberator but was later viewed as a tyrant. Everyone applauded and boosted the morale of students for their hard work and never ending zeal to learn.

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