Christmas celebrations at MRIS, Noida were commemorated with a special assembly. To pay tribute to the great savior of the mankind Christmas carols were sung by the students of grade-4 .To spread the cheer, students of  Nursery, KG and grades 3 to 7 presented Christmas carols ,grades-1 and 2 presented a remarkable dance drama, portraying the life of the lord Jesus Christ.

Respected Principal ma’am gave an inspirational message, encouraging the children to emulate the teachings of the lord Jesus Christ, urging them spread the message of ‘Peace on Earth and goodwill to men’ as preached by the great savior of the mankind.

An atmosphere of excitement and exhilaration pervaded the carnival organized in the school playground. Everyone enjoyed the exhilarating “Buggy Ride” and had a great time out winning each other in various activities and games.

 The true spirit of Christmas lies in sharing and caring, in spreading the message of hope and extending a hand of support to the ones in need. Taking this cause and mission forward and to imbibe the true spirit of Christmas, students of grade 5 to 7 took the initiative to  become “SANTA FOR THE DAY” and emulated the spirit of ‘Sharing’ by distributing warm blankets amongst the domestic staff of the neighborhood societies. Students of grades 1 to 3 took the initiative to take the blankets home, to be distributed amongst their own domestic staff.