Mixing of Colours Activity

The world is surrounded with beautiful colours.  Colours have always fascinated all living beings specially the little ones. Smugging paints and playing with colours has been their all time favorite. Mixing colour to form new colours is like magic for the little children, so an activity of blending different colours using the primary colours was organized for [...]

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‘Roll the Dice’ Activity for toddlers

Following instructions is an important skill that needs to be embedded in the children at a very early age, so that they can function effectively across different environments.  In order to enable the toddlers to practice ‘following instructions’, a game was called ROLL THE DICE was organized wherein a multi color dice was given to the children. There were [...]

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Math Lab Activity for Grade-IV

To recognize and identify the words related to four basic operations of arithmetic, an activity was conducted with the students of Grade IV, MRIS, Noida. Students were divided into four teams wherein they wrote/pasted words related to four operations on a chart paper. They also framed their own questions using these words which other teams had to answer. Their [...]

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Seed Germination Activity

The children of Grade 2 learnt the process of photosynthesis and seed germination. They germinated the seed in a paper cup with the help of paper tissue, cotton, water and green moong dal. The students noticed the growth over a week’s time and their happiness knew no bound while watching the seed germination process.

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Students at FGSI’s IEYI-2018

MRIS, Noida is glad to share that our school students have fetched laurels from being part of Asia’s largest Science Innovation Competition. The event organized by Foundation for Glocal Science Initiatives (FGSI), this year was 14th edition of ‘International Exhibition for Young Inventors 2018 (#IEYI)’ held in October 2018. Students of Grade 6 presented project [...]

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Weaving Activity

Kindergarteners are thoroughly enjoying their ongoing theme –Clothes, Food and Festival and to take it forward, we decided to give them an experience of weaving which they learnt through an activity. Weaving is such an excellent activity as it not only promotes fine motor skills, eye hand co-ordination and concentration but also helps children learn, [...]

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Balancing Activity for Toddlers

Toddlers of MRIS, Noida learnt the art of balancing through various sports activities where little brains were exercised to concentrate on the balancing act through the lemon and spoon race, and paper and ball race. It was amazing as well as funny to watch the little ones trying their level best to balance the lemon [...]

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The Crazy kids- Day ‘N’ Night

Children are curious and inquisitive by nature and are always fascinated by celestial bodies like the Sun, Moon and Stars. In order to explain the concept of day to night, a craft activity was organized for the Nursery kids of MRIS Noida. The Children were asked to explain the difference between day and night. Children named [...]

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Budding AD Men on the go! To encourage creativity and original thinking, an ADMAD show was conducted by the students of Class XI Einstein at MRIS, Noida to showcase their talent. The students were judged on the use of props, dialogue delivery and coordination. The ads on show were for a shaving cream called God of [...]

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