Children’s Day Celebration

The school hosted its first Sports day to mark the Children’s Day celebrations. The children represented their respective clans and participated in a wide variety of races. The day culminated with an award ceremony where all the winners were given medals. It was a day of excitement and euphoria. Early Years children looked adorable, while [...]

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Diwali Celebrations

Diwali festivity began at the school with the first Clan Competitions held on November 2, 2018. The students from grades Toddlers to Nursery made beautiful Diwali Cards for their parents. The beautiful Thalis made by the students of Grades KG and 1 were appreciated by everyone. The school sparkled with decorated candles and Diyas made [...]

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Diya Decoration Workshop

The school organized a Diya decoration workshop for the students of Government Primary School, Papri. The children from both the schools collaborated in decorating diyas for Diwali. They were also educated about the importance of celebrating green and pollution free festival. They even came up with some innovative ideas to enjoy the sounds of Diwali [...]

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Halloween Celebrations

A moment of cute terror struck Manav Rachna International School, Mohali, when the little ones from Early Years went around scaring everyone in their Halloween outfits. It was such a delight to watch both the children and their Group Incharges celebrate Halloween in high spirits. From face painting to scary props, from terror outfits to [...]

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100 Days of Kindergarten

Today the Early Years wing at the school, celebrated ‘100 days of Kindergarten’ with a lot of enthusiasm. To mark the celebrations, the children made their own headgear, and sunglasses in the shape of 100. It was heartwarming to see the efforts put in by the parents in dressing up their kids in accordance with the [...]

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Winning Streak

Ojaswini Saraswat has once again proved her mettle by winning the 3rd Ace Junior Golf League: Event -1. The event was held at Forest Hill Resort for Category F and she played a card of 49. Ojaswini has marked herself earlier as well by winning 6th Tri City golf tournament organized in Panchkula Golf Club and [...]

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Celebrates Dussehra with a bang…

The culmination of Navratra resonated in the festivities at MRIS, Mohali, wherein Dussehra was celebrated with a bang. To initiate this day auspiciously, the students of Grade 2 organized a Special Assembly by chanting ‘Hey Ram’ followed by a drama on the legendry epic ‘Ramayana’, displaying the triumph of ‘Good’ over ‘Evil’. The enactment on ‘Hanuman [...]

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Dussehra preparations (Early Years)

For the forthcoming Dussehra celebrations in school, the children from Early Years at the school were told about the story of Rama and Ravana. They were fascinated by the way Rama rescued Sita from the clutches of Ravana by shooting an arrow in his navel. To make the learning process more joyful, the little ones from class KG prepared cute Bow and arrows with straws [...]

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