MRIS, Ludhiana organized a workshop for the teachers giving them training of smartclass and ERP management. The goal was to provide support, training and toolkits for novice and prospective teachers. It was an effort to implement an enhanced curriculum engaging the students in cooperative/ collaborative learning using ICT in the classroom.

Mr. Paras from Entab Co., Delhi briefed about their user-friendly software which comes with a login access for teachers, administrators, students, parents and management of the School. With the launch of their new mobile phone application it has opened the doors for easy and hassle-free school management of accounting 3M’s (Men, Money and Material) and to establish smooth communication within the departments and to the parents.
Mr. Amrinder from Extramarks Co. explained the ‘Extramarks’ module. These modules use game – based, thematic learning approach for junior learners and hierarchical, layered and adaptive approach for senior learners. The learning solutions are delivered through robust technology making learning process easy, effective and engaging.