Regular workshops are conducted at Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana for the staff throughout the year to keep them abreast with the latest teaching learning process. The educators are updated with the global trends in education. We believe that to become a great teacher or a great human being, one must go beyond the text books and attend workshops to adopt the ongoing educational changes to truly master the skill of a ‘Facilitator’.

The teacher training workshop “Inside Outside” was organized for early years, Primary years and activity teachers with an aim to sow the seed of practical wisdom in everyone who was a part of this session. Each one of us strives hard to achieve success, but if it can be achieved through a ‘Paradigm of Map’, one is sure to reach the destination faster and better. Through the power point presentation, the instructor demonstrated clearly and eloquently that people have different perspectives and whether they see it/accept it or not, it does exists.

To understand the basics of enduring happiness and success we need to understand our own ‘self”. There are no shortcuts to the developmental process; everything develops at its own pace with learning maturation and experience.

“Inside out” means to start first with self. If we want the secondary greatness of recognized talent, focus first on primary greatness of character. Many of the principles are already deep within us, in our conscience and common sense. To recognize and to develop them and to use them in meeting our deepest concerns, we need to think differently, to shift our paradigms to a new, deeper, “inside-out level”.