Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana believes and propagates the actual defined objective of education that is to impart holistic value based education. As a part of the school’s initiative to sensitize the young towards the aged the MRIS students of Grade VIII- IX  visited  Nishkam Sewa Ashram, old age home Ludhiana today. Old age home is a hub which serves the senior citizens.

MRIS students spent thought provoking moments with the inmates of the old age home. With the changing value system finance compulsion of the children, neglect and ill treatment are the reasons for taking lodge at the old age home. With the sole conviction of not isolating the old and deprived, it is a blessing of many old who have been sheltered in the old age home.

As soon as the children stepped in the elderly people were happy to see them and greetings were exchanged. Some of the elderly people the students met there did not come willingly, since they had Hobson’s choice so they had to resort there. The students shared the woeful experiences of all the inmates, consoled them and offered them fruits and  Lunch  which was prepared by the school Principal.

The main objective was to sensitize to the predicaments and problems of aged people and to become aware of the joy of serving and being with the aged. To wrap it up it was a wonderful experience and an opportunity to discover empathy within ourselves.