Students Painted their Dreams on the Wall

‘Every Child Is An Artist, Imagination Is The Beginning Of Creation’

We love our kids’ first drawing. They draw before they write, so their drawings seem somehow miraculous in those early years- their first communication that is permanent and there for all to see. Large canvasses of abstract finger paintings give way to recognizable #broad stroke figures, houses, and sunny skies. We celebrate every image and give them pride of place on the refrigerators and doors at home. Young children quickly learn that success at school is measured by how well you can read and write, not by how good your drawings are. Their drawings are now just decorations that they get to do if they finish their writing. But we seriously misunderstand the function of drawings, and their contribution to learning, if we think they are just what children do when they can’t yet write.

To promote a classroom where the drawing is valued, get rid of colouring in stencils. Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana set the kids from Nursery to Grade V free to draw and paint, and provided each one an opportunity to sketch on the wall in the prime location of the school so they can get what is in their mind’s eye down on the wall. Those fuzzy thoughts and dreams that were floating around in the tiny minds of the little ones were sketched and scribbled by the delicate hands on to the wall. When the students of Nursery to Grade-V picked up paint and brushes, an environment of aura and happiness was observed in the school. The fact is that writing out the dreams is the biggest and most important step that one can ever take in creating change.

#MRIS, Ldh students were given an opportunity to sketch how they want your life to look in as much detail as possible. They just let the thoughts pour out of them!

The school Principal Dr. Rupali Saini said that we understand things more deeply when we see them from multiple perspectives. Through this activity, the confidence and self-belief that the students have gained will change their attitude and engagement with other aspects of the school. In this way, the students of MRIS, Ludhiana are ready to turn their dreams into reality.

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