Show and tell activity allows a child to give wings to the imagination and express by organizing the thoughts stringed in structurally correct sentences.  It’s also a great way to encourage a child’s interest in a particular topic and it’s also a chance for children to think ‘outside the box’ and invite their teacher and classmates to come into their own little world for a minute or two. To ensure students benefit thoroughly and also learn to express themselves in front of an audience, Show and tell Competition was organized for Grades I and II.  Show & Tell Competition focuses on visual triggers to set in motion the child’s imagination and ability to translate their thought into words. All the participants came enthusiastically and showcased their talent with confidence. There was 100% participation of students from each class. They even managed to include a social message in the descriptions.

They spoke about the life of a pen, spider man, favourite doll, balloon, ball, piggy bank, life of a plant, harmful effects of using a poly bag, how you can save money, green earth and black earth, their favourite gadgets like a mobile phone, fan, camera, pen drives and a magical sphere to name a few. The students were very excited and participated whole-heartedly in this competition. They were adjudged on the basis of content, confidence and fluency. The judges were awe struck to see the little ones perform with confidence. They were impressed and appreciated their efforts. This competition helped the students to gain confidence and improve their vocabulary and skills of public speaking.  The Ist prize was bagged by Tanvir Kaur(I-A) and  Yuvraj (II-A) , IInd prize was won by Abhijeet Verma and Aarav Kalra, both from Grade I-A and  Kartavya (II-A) , the IIIrd prize was won by Darshit Singh(I-A) and Gursheen Kaur(II-A).The appreciation prize was won by Angel Narang(I-A) and Ayaan Roy(II-A) . Ms. Shilpi Gill, Principal MRIS, Ludhiana applauded the efforts of the students for performing well. She also congratulated the teachers for motivating the students to participate actively in the competition.

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