In the present milieu when we are facing the consequences of deforestation, it’s high time that we empower the coming generations with requisite knowledge and information on the value of saving environment.

The schools can certainly be instrumental in raising the Green Brigade that is sensitive towards the needs of the environment. MRIS, Ldh is constantly on toes to ensure children grow up into responsible citizens of society. We believe in educating the students and making them aware of the efforts that can be undertaken to reduce the threat to the environment by saving and conserving many natural resources for a better life on Earth. Envisaging this ‘A Paper Bag Making Competition’ was organised for Grades I-V and Slogan writing competition for Grade VI to IX. The Students participated with full zeal. The colourful paper bags made by them were designed with creativity. They used colourful beads, tapes and stickers to decorate their eco-friendly bags.