“From field to field and desk to desk,

Your hard work is what makes the Nation best.”

Manav Rachna Family is constantly on its toes to ensure children grow up to empathetic human beings who are high on emotional quotient. The School observed Labour day celebrations to inculcate respect for all the members of society and value them for the contribution they make to create communication worth living. The Students apprised everyone with the history and the significance of May Day. The children also highlighted the importance of helpers and recited a Punjabi poem praising the labourers.

Early Years students expressed their gratitude towards the School support staff and reiterated the fact that their contribution is an important aspect of their life. They gave beautiful handmade cards to nannies, drivers and conductors which touched the heart of everyone. Gleeful faces and streams of thank you cards all set to celebrate the unsung pillars of the School. The Students expressed their gratitude towards them by thanking and applauding them for their support.