We, at Manav Rachna International Schools, believe in cultivating thinking abilities, intellectual acumen, good communication skills along with the proper development of language. We provide ample opportunities to the young learners to develop and showcase their skills.
The kindergarteners of MRIS-Ludhiana unveiled their learning and unearthed their flair for it to the world through the GALLERY WALK on the theme: Geography. The event was divided into three groups wherein KG-A displayed land forms, KG-B showcased transport and KG-C illustrated the Solar System with respect to the theme Geography.
Tiny tots learned to prepare models through junk modelling and depicted their respective themes with exemplary confidence. KG-A students elucidated different forms of life on land to the onlookers with the help of miniatures of deserts, volcanoes, plateaus, valleys, hills and mountains. KG-B displayed facts to explore the world through the land, water and air transport. The dainty little ones explained the contemporary means of transit such as monorail, snow cat, cable car, hovercraft and submarine through their models.The models made by KG-C were a sure shot insight into Universe which included sun, planets and other celestial objects like comets, stars, meteors, meteorites, rockets and asteroids through beautifully crafted and self-depicting figurines. All the Students presented their models with utmost confidence. The parents were overwhelmed with the efforts made by the teachers and the students together.