Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana strives hard to imbibe values not by preaching but by helping students develop the right perspective so that they are intrinsically driven to the practise the values they imbibe during the formative years of their life. Today, when we are facing the consequences of deforestation   which is just one consequence of man’s failure to live in unison with nature, it is extremely important that we equip our children with the appropriate attitude to take requisite measures to save earth. In lieu to ‘Environment Week’ celebrations and to make the most of this opportunity, essay writing competition was organised for the students of Grade V to IX. The students submitted well written creative pieces to compete for the best at each Grade level. Every creative writing was magical in itself reflecting upon the opinion and the view point –Effects of Global Warming and the Environmental consequences of deforestation. The school Principal Dr.Rupali Saini appreciated the efforts made by the students for their enthusiasm to showcase their intellectual acumen and also their drive to be the harbingers of change in society. She highlighted the importance of celebrating the ‘Environment Week’ which brings happiness to every individual.