Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana strives hard to imbibe values not by preaching but helping students develop the right perspective so that they are intrinsically driven to practise the values they imbibe during the formative years of their life. Today, when almost ten states in India are drought affected which is just one consequence of man’s failure to live in unison with nature, it is extremely important that we equip our children with the appropriate attitude to take requisite measures to save Earth. Earth Day is certainly a wonderful opportunity for the same. To make the most of this opportunity, a Special Assembly was organised for the students of Grades I to VIII. The Assembly was presented by the students of Grades VI.

The students were apprised with the background of Earth day. A poem and speech helped them understand that we should save earth for the posterity. An enactment on Chipko Movement was also presented to reiterate the significance of Earth day. The students and teachers took a pledge to become Earth Warriors and put in efforts to save earth. All the children performed to the best of their ability and spoke with utmost confidence. A quiz was also conducted at the end of the assembly. The students answered enthusiastically which was a clear cut reflection of their intellectual acumen. The early years’ students were introduced to the concept of Earth and how they can save earth by taking simple steps on daily basis. They enjoyed making earth day craft in the junk modelling centre. They also tried hands on emergent writing to voice their learning about Earth day.  Speaking on the occasion, Mrs. Shilpi Gill, Principal Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana exhorted everyone to become earth warriors by taking initiative to save earth in every possible manner. She also appreciated the effort of Grade VI students.

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