The first session for Early years’ students culminated with the Special Assemblies where in students showcased their learning about the on-going themes. There was a mixed feeling as the tiny tots were excited to be promoted to the next class and at the same time it was difficult to say good bye to them. The Assembly commenced with the warm welcome to the parents by the class teacher. She introduced the theme and apprised them all with how children have been progressing in school. The Class teacher shared her wonderful journey with the parents. It was communicated to the parents that the children had bloomed into happy and confident children during the course of the session. The Class teacher of Toddlers A was absolutely nostalgic; she shared how the little ones who were crying on day one of School longed to spend learning sessions in the company of their peers. She was proud that they were all set to take up Nursery curriculum. A similar sentiment was voiced by the Nursery and K.G. teachers.

Children were excited to begin the assembly with the chanting of Gayatri Mantra, followed by a thematic presentation by the children that included dialogues by each child, theme based rhymes, music and dance performance. The theme for Toddlers was ‘On The Move’.  Children showcased their learning about different means of transport; land, water and air.  They spoke about people who help us, importance of Traffic Lights and Safety Rules too. With respect to the theme ‘Let’s Pretend’, the tiny tots of Nursery showcased their learning about community helpers and their importance in our lives. Children enthralled the audience with their rhythmic and poetic performance. The vibrant and colourful costumes of the little ones added sparkle to the event. The theme for K.G was ‘How Do People Live Off The Land?’ Children showcased their learning about Australia. How people started living in Australia? What were they called? How they came into being. The tiny tots demonstrated the journey from Aboriginals to the Modern city.

It was wonderful when children shared reflections of the past year. The parents were amazed at the confidence of the little stars. They congratulated the MRIS team for their hard work. The Progress Report Card was handed over to the parents after the Assembly. All the parents were overjoyed to know that their wards had progressed so wonderfully and moved to the next grade. Ms. Shilpi Gill, Principal, Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana, thanked the parents for supporting the school in their venture to ensure holistic development for the children. She appreciated each and every child for the spellbinding performance. She wished the little ones happiness, success and good luck for future.

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