Dental Check-Up

MRIS, Ludhiana organised Dental Check-up for the students

“The tooth is the only part of the body that can’t heal itself”. Protect Them!

Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana acknowledges the significance of the well-being of the students as a part of health and hygiene programme. Dental check-up and awareness camp was organised at the school recently. The initiative was designed to combat dental problems at different levels and age groups and to provide basic dental health education to the children and to motivate dental hygiene maintenance, good brushing and smart diet habits for the prevention of dental diseases.

A team comprising Dr. Sohail Arora, Dr. Chandeep Singh, Dr. Kuldeep Singh and Dr. Sumanpreet Kaur carried out a comprehensive dental check-up under the able supervision of Dr. Rajender Trehan from Balaji Dental Clinic, Ludhiana.

The camp was carried out to find out the prevalence of dental problems in pre-primary, primary and middle school students with deciduous dentition and early mixed dentition to identify the method to motivate dental health in young generation and cultivate dental hygiene for the future society.

The students were simultaneously briefed about the common dental ailments especially tooth decay and gum diseases. They were explained about the root cause of the dental and oral health problems and the possible formation of harmful acid which develops when bacteria (plaque) gets in touch with sugar in the mouth which ultimately results in tooth decay. The students got ample opportunities to interact with the dentists to enquire and resolve their queries based on dental problems.

Interactive session with the students emphasized on having healthy and nutritious diet with low sugar contents.

The camp acted as an awakening alarm for the students and they promised to start taking preventive measures to avoid dental and oral problems.

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