Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana, observed Astronomy Week from 4th October, 2015 to 10th October, 2015 which culminated in the form of an Astronomy Fair on 10th October, 2015. The Astronomy Fair aimed at developing the spirit of enquiry among children and helped them take the first steps towards discovering space and celestial bodies. The Fair was marked by hundred per cent participation from the students of Grades I to VII. Grade I children displayed clay models showcasing the Artificial Indian Satellites. The young learners apprised the visitors with the various parts, functions and other background information of the satellites. They explained how natural satellites are different from the man-made ones. Grade II children demonstrated the restless earth, phases of moon and constellations. The students of Grade III explained eclipses and various other phenomenon linked to them. Grade IV students astounded the visitors with wonderful models on stars, their life and a host of other celestial bodies like asteroids, meteors, meteorites etc. The students also briefed the visitors with the myths associated with the celestial bodies and their connection with festivals in India. Grade V students prepared working models to reflect how earth is a unique planet; they displayed hand-made instruments for tracking various natural phenomenon. Grades VI and VII students created the world of NASA and presented the role and achievements of NASA in space exploration. They displayed a mega size rocket and shared information about its parts and propelling. The first animal to reach space-LAIKA and a rover that identified water on mars were the cynosure of the Astronomy fair. The students employed robotics to design these fantastic pieces. They also created an astronaut with Legos. The Photo op with the spaceship and an astronaut drew everyone’s attention. The cherry on the cake was the display of the spaceships and rockets created in the junk modelling corner by the Early Years’ students.The team from Space India visited the school for judging the Astronomy Fair. SPACE is a young dynamic company churning out innovative and exciting hands-on Astronomy education and Astro-tourism services.


The team appreciated the School’s initiative of organising the Astronomy Fair and inculcating interest in space science. The team propelled a rocket in the school premises which was pure delight for the students. Their joy knew no bounds when they witnessed the rocket being propelled into the air. The parents were simply astounded to witness the students present their models with confidence. They were overwhelmed to see their wards share their learning with utmost conviction. The parents thanked the School for shaping the students so well. Speaking on the occasion, Mrs. Shilpi Gill, Vice-principal, Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana, said that it is extremely important to develop the spirit of enquiry among children right in the prime of their lives. The School delivers International Primary Curriculum (U.K.) and a very comprehensive programme i-Carnegie( from Carnegie Melon University, U.S.A.) Robotics programme (from Nursery to Grade X) to enable the students to develop a scientific aptitude which is needed to live a fuller life even if a student does not pursue science as a subject later. Ms Gill appreciated the efforts of the students and teachers for putting up such a wonderful show.

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