Traffic Rule Role Play

Role Play and Assembly – Traffic Rules and Road Safety

It is better to start learning good safety habits, right from an early age

Teaching children road safety is a crucial part of raising the young ones as it directly concerns their physical safety and well-being. Rather than isolated lectures and demonstrations, road safety is something that needs to be taught continuously and even subtly at times.

During our ongoing theme – Lands and People, kids at MRIS-51, Gurugram did a role play and KG B conducted an assembly on traffic rules and safety. The assembly concluded with the message that Road safety is of paramount importance and in order to be safe one has to follow the rules – Making roads safer for everyone, starts with self.

Teachers became Road Safety Educators and told them about the essential traffic signals, walking on zebra crossing, driving in lane, following traffic lights, parking the cars, etc. Children were excited to practice driving their own vehicles -cars, scooters and cycles on the traffic path created by the teachers while following the traffic rules.

They were also briefed about general rules to be followed on the roads and in their own residential areas.

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