Space Workshop MRIS -51, Gurugram

Children are natural observers and curious about everything around them. The space explorer workshops give them an opportunity to participate, interact and experiment with the mysteries of the universe. The workshop is a collection of one day programs which focus on teaching Space Science and Astronomy to students through practical hands on experience. The students get an out of textbook learning experience, which help them develop their knowledge base as well as Life skills.

The space explorers workshop was held in school for classes I to VI recently. The topic of the workshop was ‘our star – The sun’ for classes I & II and ‘interview with the sun’ for classes III to VI. It helped the students discover that the sun and the stars are same. They explored the relative size of the sun and earth through an interesting team activity. The students saw the sun with the help of special sun goggles and were amazed to see the big orange colour ball.
Few students from Grade V & VI were made reporters and asked interesting questions on the ‘Sun’.

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