We at MRIS-51, Gurgaon believe in the above thought, today, Jan, 15, 2015 was a big day as the children were made aware about all the safety rules to be followed on road by the Traffic Inspecter Ms Sushila and “Traffic Tau”, a man dressed in white dhoti, blue jacket, red turban and carrying a lathi (cane). The new mascot of the traffic police here in MRIS-51, Gurgaon delivered the message on road safety in the local Haryanvi dialect and educated our children about traffic rules. Mr Abhinav, the Road Safety Inspector also visited the school premises who enlightened them about the Road Safety week which Gurgaon Traffic Police will be celebrating complete January. MRIS,-51, Gurgaon took the initiative to call the Traffic Inspector and Traffic Tau in the school premises to give first hand information about the traffic rules. An Interactive session was held where students of Grade 4-6 asked various questions related to road safety and were spell bound with the traffic tau delivering the rules for the same.
Another piece of cake for all the students of MRIS-51, Gurgaon was-they got a chance to meet one of the tallest men of India Mr Rajesh Kumar (7ft 4″) (Traffic Police) in the school premises. They were all astonished at the sight, shook hands, and took his autograph. The inquisitiveness and eagerness was worth appreciating and could be seen as children were asking various questions. MRIS, 51, Gurgaon believes in to follow innovative approach and that’s what was seen today in the premises- Awareness about the traffic rules by the mascot himself.