A workshop was conducted for the staff members of MRIS-51, Gurugram to increase the awareness about the causes and effects of unethical conduct, on self and others by the School counsellor, Ms Soumya Dhani. The physiological effects of negative and positive thinking were discussed. The attribution bias while judging others’ behavior was also discussed.

Special attention was given to how after suffering emotional pain and abuse, we try to become self-sufficient and detached, in order to protect ourselves from similar pain in future, but how we often cross the thin line of becoming selfish and abusive ourselves. The teachers were encouraged to be open to the possible good in people, instead of resorting to pushing others down to advance their personal goals. The session ended in catharsis and a positive social outlook among all present. This workshop has opened gateways for further trust building and conflict resolution exercises to build a more cohesive and stronger team.