We, at Manav Rachna International School Sector-51, Gurugram emphasize on learning through exploring. The Students from Grades I-V presented their learning outcome of Module 1 through various presentations in the form of CREST extravaganza. 

The Students of Grade I spoke about the basic needs of people in Pre Historic Europe and connected it to the present needs of the people. Students of Grade II showcased ‘Life of Buddha and Jataka Tales’. They depicted his journey from Siddhartha to Buddha. They also familiarized the audience about the teachings of Lord Buddha by performing role play and chanting ‘mantras’. Grade III took everyone to the journey planned civilization that is ‘Indus Valley Civilization’. The Students of Grade IV and V depicted the culture and lifestyle of Egyptian people and kings by presenting role play, hands on activity and providing information about ‘Egyptian Tombs, Temples, Mummification, Pyramids and Ancient Culture’. It was an enormous learning for performers as well as audience as it made them familiar with ancient cultures.