We are jovial, we are enthusiastic, we can turn the world in to a beautiful place, we can be children again and live out our childhood once again, today is the day, the zeal is persistent and there is a constant flow of energy of love and glory in our hearts.

Purely a day celebrated with a lot of pimp and pomp with children being the guest of honor and repute to a faculty who loves them unconditionally…….

Children’s day celebration were thoroughly embraced by the young souls of tomorrow as teacher presented them with a dance performance that was enjoyed to its brim as children could relate to their teachers and joined and encourage them in an endless flow.

The teachers also taught children some values of substance by enacting out a small skit which gave them a lesson to embrace and love everybody around.

The bit that was enjoyed to its utmost level was the Hawaiian balloon party dance which added a cherry on the cake; the children danced to the tune of Hawaiian songs and played their hearts out by dancing with balloons around. To some up all the goodness the children were presented with chocolates that tingles their taste buds day in and day out, amd mot to forget such celebrations are the precious part of Manav Rachna group always.