Children’s Day Celebration

“Every child is a different kind of flower, and all together, makes this world a beautiful garden.” To make children feel special, MRIS-51, Gurugram celebrated Children’s Day today. November 14 was observed as ‘NO BOOK’ day for kids from Grades Toddlers-III. Various fun-filled activities were conducted for kids like games stalls, tattoo making/ Face painting, dance, picnic, art attack, creative writing, skill [...]

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Kindergarteners Celebrated Halloween

Halloween was celebrated in MRIS-51, Gurugram as a part of the ongoing IPC theme – Food, Festival and Clothing.  For kids, it was a fun and frolic extravaganza with a lot of activity stations to try their hands in making craft, decorating trick or treat paper bags and face painting as per their choice from the available designs (pumpkin, ghosts, scarecrows, witches etc.) Various fun games like Musical [...]

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Indo French Exchange Program

The International exchange program acts as a catalyst to enhance the cultural exchange between India and France through education. Keeping this in mind and to promote understanding and universal brotherhood Manav Rachna International School has successfully undertaken Students' France Exchange Programme in association with Le Frehindi, Paris. The first step towards cementing the ties between the two countries [...]

Pattern Hunt for Kindergarteners

Things are well learnt when they are executed in a playful manner. During the ongoing IPC theme – Food, Festivals and Clothing, a Pattern Hunt activity was organized for the Kindergarteners at MRIS-51, Gurugram. The floor was beautifully decorated with different patterns (floral, checks, stripes, polka dots, paisley, animal prints etc.) and kids had a great time exploring their favorite [...]

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Teamwork Assembly by Grade II A

Teamwork promotes an atmosphere that fosters friendship and loyalty. When we work as a team the workload is shared, reducing the pressure on everyone, and ensure tasks are completed within a set time frame. The students of Grade II A presented their class assembly on ‘We are a team Family’ on October 24, 2018. The assembly started [...]

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Exploring Habitat Stations

As a culmination of the ongoing theme- 'Homes and Habitats', Grade 1 children of MRIS-51, Gurugram explored different habitat stations wherein they learnt about the habitat of various animals like desert, ocean, polar, forest, mountains etc. and the needs of living things. They determined the meanings of related key vocabulary words and then reflected their learning by drawing and coloring [...]

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Special Assembly on Dussehra

Students of Grade III and Grade VII of Manav Rachna International School, Sector 51, Gurugram celebrated special assembly on Dussehra. The students performed a dance drama on the life of Lord Rama was depicted. The students were dressed up as the characters of the great epic Ramayana like lord Rama, Lakshman, Sita, Ravan etc. The [...]

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