The air was thick with emotion,students happy yet solemn, some of them even holding back tears, as the Executive Director, Principal,Staff and students of MRIS- 46, Gurugram said ‘Sayonara’ to the students of Grade XII at a fun-filled afternoon ‘Farewell ‘ function.
Band performances,singing,dancing and mimicry were the highlights of the gala function. The main attraction though was the crowning of Mr & Miss MRIS-46.
Surabhi Yadav was crowned Miss MRIS-46 and Ajay Tokas was crowned as Mr MRIS-46.
Mementos,class photographs and titles were distributed amongst much cheering and clapping! Grade XI had shot a beautiful video , putting together many beautiful moments of the  year gone by.
Students cut the cake with Principal, Mrs Dhriti Malhotra. She read out a beautiful poem telling them to stand tall and face the world with grace and aplomb, Mrs Dhriti Malhotra lit the candles held by Grade XII,who passed it down to Grade XI.
A hundred and eleven balloons floated into the twilight as each Grade XII student wrote their name on it and released it. The evening ended to the beats of the’dhol’ as everyone hit the dance floor together for one last time!