Diwali is a festival of joy. It is a time to celebrate, be a part of the festivities and to spread the joy; it grows manifold when we share it with others.  With this thought in mind, MRIS 21C Faridabad, celebrated Diwali exuberance 2016, wherein the parents of students from Early Years were invited to be a part of a variety of competitions organized by the school for them to participate in.

The themes of these competitions were ‘Lantern Making’, Bandhanwar Making’, ‘Eco-Diwali Decorations’ and ‘Rangoli Making’. It was heart-warming to see the overwhelming response of the parents. They participated with so much zeal and enthusiasm that the ambience was brimming over with creativity, excitement and the spirit of Diwali. It was an enriching way of celebrating Diwali together and thereby strengthening the bond between the parent, child and the teacher.