Bloomz – Our Blossoming Buds

Despite being the youngest group at the School, it is heartening to see our little ones at Bloomz so disciplined, following instructions and taking their positions on their own while practicing for their upcoming Special Assembly.

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Their self-discipline sometimes amazes us, while moving out of their center they make sure that they move in a straight line. Reading time is a must. Picture reading happens on a regular basis, and here you can witness them enjoying reading Picture-books in the Library. ‘Healthy mind stays in healthy body’, so keeping that in mind, they can be seen stepping towards the Gymnasium and having fun as they exercise on the Trampoline, Parallel Bars, Balance Beam and much more. Lots of hands-on activities, such as clay play, sponge squeezing, etc. which help to enhance their fine and gross motor skills form a part of

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their daily routine.